Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Perfume time!

Perfumes :) 

We all love a good fragrance, weather it be something sweet, floral, or something less in your face. Everyone has different tastes, I have 4 to talk about today, that vary in price, but all ones I have and have been using. The first one I have to talk about is Paco robanne ' lady million ' I love this perfume I got my first bottle a while ago and have got it many times again. The packaging is very nice gold and metal it makes it look expensive, and I'm not saying its cheap, I can't say a price because everywhere is different but it does vary. So normally I just always ask for a lot of perfumes for christmas, because people hate buying perfume for them selves, and the prices soon add up. This year I got it in a gift set it looked beautiful and my partner got the same but the male version ( we got many his and hers presents. It was our first Christmas living together. Here's a picture below. 

The next one is a bit different. It's fruity and is cheaper. It's from the body shop. I think it's all a new collection they have started doing but I'm very grateful. 
        I have always used this fragrance in body butters and scrubs for a long time. I love the smell it's heavily smelling but doesn't get to much like some of the other sweeter smells. Drum roll please...... PINK GRAPEFRUIT! This stuff is delicious ( smelling, I haven't eaten it xD) it's the body shops best smell. It looks like this and comes in a 30ml bottle. Which is annoying because it goes so quick because it's addictive. But I have to keep buying it because it's the best thing in the world. It's £8.50 for the little bottle which isn't to bad. They do lots of other fragrances in this range, so whatever your favourite is try them :). 
          Next up....DKNY. As people know this brand have so many different perfumes your spoilt for choice, so I didn't decide which one to get. One of my family members did, thinking they would know I would like it, and I do :) it's beautiful. They got one from the apple range. ' red delicious ' it's a beautiful smell but since then I have smelt a few others from this range and now know which one to ask for for Christmas ( cheeky me ) I am very grateful they bought it me because I know any perfume is expensive and goes up each year. And don't get me wrong I do really like this one I just prefer others.

And last on the list is 2 very cheap perfumes that are still ok :). It's 2 from the britney spears collection. And it's the 2 oldest ones which makes them the cheapest. On the top we have fantasy, I'm sure at some point every one has had a smell of these and if you haven't I'm honestly very shocked. I haven't got these ones recently it was more my sisters perfume but I used it when I wanted to. It's a really nice perfume, and recoommend anyone to buy it, it's a smell that nearly everyone can tell what it is ( if they know haha ) it's a good cheap present for a young person just starting out in perfume. 

The one underneath is called curious. And this is my favourite one. I still have a new bottle now. It's sweet yet nice and fresh. It's a really nice smell. I also like the packaging, neither of these products look cheap. This is why I give them a thumbs up 

These 2 are the best value for money.coming in at £20 each for a big bottle. That would be a decent amount to spent on something as a present and not look cheap :). Thank you for reading. 

                                               Nicola xxx

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