Saturday, 6 July 2013


I thought i'd talk about my hair care and coloring and stuff today. My hair is very boring, it just kind of sits there flat and lifeless. So i have to ' try ' to do something different with it, its hard to do but not much i can do about it. My hair naturally is very curly, but not nice curly. If i sleep with wet hair its like a mess, takes ages to brush and do anything with. Yet if i have time and let it dry naturally in the day with a bit of moose it looks ' ok 'still nothing amazing. 
             Naturally its a mousy blonde ish brown. Not a nice color i would like to have. It was beautiful as a kid, but i decided to ruin it by dying it and making it horrible. But as girls know once you have done it, you do it time and time again. I actually think i have been every possible hair color at some point, and i think for a 19 year old that's quite shocking to say. It also makes it obvious how bad the condition is. Recently I decided to try something i haven't before. ' OMBRE ' I like the look of it, but the honest reason is because i have a healing scar across the front of my head and because of this i cant dye over it. So i did it half and half. brown and then blonde ends. L'Oreal Wild Ombres 1 Light Brown to Dark BrownThis is the hair dye i used twice. And i really like the color it has turned out. its a coppery blonde, but i really do like it. This is one choice i don't regret doing ( for now anyway ) it's a good summer look and even up it looks quite funky because you can see different shades and tones. 
              as for shampoos i never ever stick to anything in particular. i like fruity scents ect. Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration 400mlI think this one stands out as an all time favorite. It helps my hair, makes it look soft, clean, fresh all with the wonderful smell. Everyone knows that ' Herbal Essences ' are known for their smells, but this is one is the best. It's cheap to buy, and everywhere you can get it. Superdrug, boots, savers even morrisons tescos asda etc. It's so easy to get your hands on this product! so no excuse's you have to try it out at some point, if you haven't already!
         At the moment i'm using a Toni and guy one, but i wont buy again, it doesn't do as much as it should. i think its just the label that makes it expensive and that's why people buy it. they think that because its expensive it will work better. but i totally disagree on this one. HERBAL ESSENCES win hands down. 
products to use every now and again to restore the freshness ect. 
i have a few of these, starting withVO5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oil 4x15mlthe vo5 hot oil is amazing, it really helps your ends. They feel like fake hair after because you can't believe its the same hair. this is a product that you should use all the time, other wise you wouldn't even notice the difference. Aussie 3 Min Miracle Take The Heat 250mlAussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy 250mlAussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor 250mlAUSSIE! I've spoke about these so many times, but there is a reason, because they are so good. any of these three, i have used and would use again. they seem a little pricey compared to others but its a product that if you use it sparingly then it doesn't seem as bad. i normally use it once a week or once every two weeks, because i don't think you should use a hair treatment all time, i personally just don't think it makes your hair perfect. 
                     Last thing i recommend using is heat defence. no matter what one it is if you are blow drying, curling or straightening your hair. any heat damages it so much so you must remember to use heat defence if you want it to look perfect. Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray 300mlThis is one i personally used but i have used others and they do just as good, i just like the smell of this.

i have told you about things i use to help or try to make my hair look good. i hope it helps everyone out there, if you need a little help on how to keep your hair in good condition. but one more thing, these are just what i use. but one rule is regularly get your hair cut before it gets out of control and just gets worse :)
Thank you 
                                                                                                                                                  Nicola xxx

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