Monday, 24 February 2014


Youtube or no youtube?? I just cannot decide on weather I'm ready or not. I love my blog. 
Also I love everything beauty, love talking about it, watching other peoples videos and reading blogs. 
But I'm scared, doing a blog is easy. But when it comes to someone watching your face it's a different story. 
Talking to a person face to face is easy enough, but when your talking to a camera, makes you feel and probably look really silly to other people. 
It's frightening! 
If I was to do it what would everyone like to see??? 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Make up week review!

Yes it's over no more make up week! 
Just a quick one to see if you all enjoyed it, and would like me to do similar weekly focused videos.
I have really enjoyed it, so let me know what you like! I do all of this because you all read it ( I hope you do enjoy what I write :) ) 
Afterwards, when i realised.. which was too late! but all my posts didnt come up in order. i have no idea why this happened but apologies for this :)

Friday, 21 February 2014

Make up week - day seven

It's the last day for make up week! Didn't that go quick!! 
It's been good while it lasted xD I hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed talking about my favourites. 
The final day is going to be on the ' max factor- pan stick ' I am nearly 100% sure this is the one of the only products I have bought from the brand and liked. 
My fried actually recommend this for me. She said she used it on nights out cause it was high coverage. 
She was right ; it's great! 

I actually purchased  this a long time ago of the internet. I checked online and I shops and it was the cheapest place. Since then I've noticed that you can buy it from 

Make up week - day six

I love eyeliner. I always have done. When I was at school it was the one product I could not go without. Id go without everything as long as I could have eyeliner on. 

I've been using the same one for many years ( obviously not the same pot) I've used lots! I have 2 on the go at the moment! I'm awful for using more than one at once. But for some reason I can't help it. I love the brush. 

I'm not very good at doing the winged flick, but this eyeliner is easy to try and learn. I've used different brands and always just end up using this one again. It's good for if you want a thick line or a thin line they are both just as easy too do. 

' collection 2000 fast stroke ' this eyeliner is under £5 too. And it lasts ages! It's annoying because you can't tell how much you have left in the pot, but obviously the tip gets dry. 
For beginners I think this is good, but even people who know what there doing :p should use this because I really like it. 
As I said previously I apolgise because my camera wasn't working so I had to cheat for the photo! 

Make up week - day five

Does a make up brush Count?? I'd like to think so because that's what I'm going to talk about today!! 
I wasn't going to add this, because it seemed silly to add something that I've only just purchased. But I couldn't not! Since I got this product it's changed my whole make up. 

I'm not just saying that! ' real techniques- expert face brush' wow! I know this is a popular brush, so if any of you have tried this you should agree that you now cannot live without it. It's amazing! Blends everything in so easily. 

The brush is also really good because it doesn't just suck up all the product and waste lots! It also washes really easy and drys quite quickly. 

Really happy I chose this brush. It's also less than £10! That's great, it can be bought from ' boots' or the internet. 
I have seen many countries with these brushes so check the internet. 

Yes I cheated but my camera was being a pain!!! 

Thursday, 20 February 2014


I actually think I have problems.. All I think about most of the day is, oh shall I try something different with my hair. 
Do a different face mask, do my make up at ten o'clock at night?! Why!! 
Is that normal or just me??

Growing up for girls is normally the same, obviously not everyone likes makeup, but a lot do. As I went into secondary school I couldn't care. I had awful skin, and the worst hair; but of course I didn't care when I was 11. Now I see kids at that age with faces fl of make up. But each year came and I started trying different things. And now it's all I talk about! Sad as anything!! 

I feel sorry for my fella because he must know more about beauty things than anyone man should ever know. 
I do have friends that are into the same things, but not many. And for my friend group, beauty products isn't the type of conversation we have because we hardly ever see each other due to other important life things.

So if any of you want to chat about makeup skin hair, anything beauty. Hit me up, I'd love to have a chat about products that I should try, or even recommend things for you! 

Thank you xxx 

Make up week- day two

I mentioned in the previous post that I'm starting a week talking about some products that I couldn't live without! 
Today I'm talking about sleek blush ' rose gold ' this blusher is lovely, gives a lovely pink tint to the cheeks with a glowing gold glitter. On tanned skin it looks better so I'm trying not to over do it now that I'm pale again. But hopefully as soon as the sun comes out I can start loving this again. 
I think this colour would suit a lot of people. And is the perfect go to blusher for many people 
I bought this from super drug, I know that in cities these should be easy to find! I struggled not living in a city. 
You can also order these from the Internet. 
It cost me less than £5! Cannot complain, it's a great price for the size of blusher and the fact you get a mirror too. 

I've seen a few people in other countries using these as well. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Make up week- day four

Wake me up foundation.
I thought I would add this even though this is a summer foundation. I couldn't imagine my make up bag without it at all times. 

I love this product. It really does brighten up the face, adds a wonderful glow. I have been struggling recently to match ANY foundation to my skin colour. I have no idea why, I've always been the same but nothing seems to agree with my colour at the moment. So I'm trying to avoid wearing it when I can because I just look orange! The only close one is my 'wake me up' Thank god because I have about 3 in my drawer!! 

This is a really nice foundation though, but I know it's a love hate, it's not one for everyone. 

I have no idea why I have 3 half full bottles. 
The packaging of this doesn't really bother me. But I like the fact it's glass, always looks more expensive. 

These are roughly £7-8 ish pound but a lot of places you can buy these for like £4.99! 
Like wilkinsons and savers for example, so if your interested in this, check them places first if it's avaiable near you! 

You can get this product abroad, I assume at normal drugstores. 

Make up week- day three

Mua undressed pallete. I love a good pallete, mostly when it's neutral. It's better when it's cheap( apart from urban decay shadows, they are worth the money in my opioion! ) 

I think the first pallete I purchased was this one. It's around £4! And surprising has lasted me a long time. I use one of the colours for my eye brows another for. Highlighter under the brows, and have tried every other colour and there is not one I dislike. 
You can do so many different combinations with these colours. Smokey eyes are really easy to do with a neutral pallete. 
I find you do get a lot of fall out but I also think you can't be fussy because of the price! 
For anyone starting out wanting to try something cheap to try different things get an mua pallete!! I know not everyone is a neutral kind of person, so have a look because they do lots of different types! 

Yes I know the state of mine is horrible! But it's very old, as you can see I've hit pan on more than one shade. 


You can't beat a beautiful perfume. 
I like perfume but am not a huge user. I use it for special occasions, or whenever I feel like it. 

I received a new one for Christmas, so just want to do a quick mention. It's the 'Britney Spears midnight fantasy' 
Obviously she has lots of fragrances, and I have tried quite a few! 

Fantasy - everyone had this when I was at school but I wasn't a huge user.
Curious- couldn't stand this perfume but my friends wore it ALL the time annoyingly! 

Believe- I loved this perfume! I received it as a gift from a friend one Christmas, I hadn't even heard of it let alone smelt it. But I loved it and was gutted when it finished!!
Britney has so many perfumes, but I don't think I will buy myself any other one any time soon. 
Midnight fantasy is really nice, I can't describe it but it's sweet and floral, so if you don't like that I wouldn't go for it. I think it's a young scent, maybe even younger than me, but it was a gift. So if you have a young teenager birthday coming up, this is an idea. I don't think it's very expensive too!! 

Make up week - day one

This is the first in a week series that I'm going to do. I'm going to talk about a different product each day that I couldn't imagine my make up life without. 
First up is the benefit ' porefessional' 
This thing is amazing! And since I bought it, it's literally changed my life and I can now not imagine my life without it. It makes my make up stay on longer, and makes my skin feel softer, smoother. It's changed everything! 
If anyone wants to try a primer, try this one because it's perfect in every way! 
I have oily skin around my nose mainly, and really big pores. I don't use this every day ( I'm not made of money ) but on certain days where I'm out all day I like to use this on my cheeks nose chin and a little on my forehead. 
I moister first let that settle and then use this with my fingers. ( clean fingers ) 

I bought this from John Lewis, but I know you can buy this from many places,
I also know that you can buy this in different countries, so its one for everyone to try! 
I bought mine for around £24.99 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Recent favourite things

I have a few products to talk about, not loads because I have mentioned some of them in different posts and don't want to bore you all! 

It's starting loving my ' toni&guy salt spray ' again, I've started slightly curling my hair, so it looks natural and using this throughout my hair too make it look more beachy then 'big curls' I'm not using this every day, but I tend to use it on days where I know my hair needs washing that night or following day, I don't like the feel of things in my hair. 

I also am in love with my ' Argan oil mask' there's things are 99p! And I think I'm on my third pot. I love this stuff, it makes my hair feel great, and smell nice. Also I can't complain at the price! I use this roughly once or twice a week. 

Last up for hair is 'vo5 dry shampoo' I don't use this very often but some days I use it for a freshen up and I like the smell. I don't think it's amazing but it doesn't leave that horrible white dust that other dry shampoos leave behind. I'm on my 2nd bottle of this too. I will buy again but only when it's on offer because I think it's a little pricey and you don't get that much use out of it. 

I love my new ' simple mostuirier' I was running low on the one I was sung and kind of hinted I want a new one so my lovely partner actually picked it up and snuck it in my bag. Cute isn't he! 
I really like this, it's soft and gentle on my skin and isn't very thick and heavy, I cannot stand that about some products. I do really like this so far. 

Make up: 
I have actually just received the ' real techniques expert face brush ' - late birthday present, and I really like it. It's weird getting used to using a brush again, for a Long time I've just been using fingers, so it's taking some gettin used to. But I love the way it blends everything in together and makes it look flawless. I'm really impressed. 

' rimmel scandal eyes' I have used the nomal gel like pencil eye liner, but I thought I would try something different, the pen type eye liner. It's weird because I haven't used this type before, but I'm enjoying trying things out, it makes winged liner a lot easier I will admit! 

I have been loving ' wilkinson- afterglow ' it's such a great song, but the video is really amazing. It's funny yet really smart. Me and partner are constantly listening to it, and really love the song ( dances around the room ) 

Wispa hot chocolate, if you haven't tried these do it now!! Every time we go into the supermarket I pick up the sachets of these, I love it!! But could drink it constantly, and I don't think that's what your meant to do! I love it, with milk or even just hot chocolate. Cheap and cheerful too! I love it. Yummy!! 

What's In My Makeup Bag??

I wanted to share with you the state of my make up bag ( its awful! ) but mainly what is actually in it, most of it i don't actually need in there i just seem to always put it back in there if i put it away. Most of these things I've had for a while, there isn't really any new make up I've bought for a while. I seem to be on a huge skincare rave at the moment! 
Basically my make up bag is a wash bag, i just wanted a simple but big enough storage bag just for my general day to day make up ( there's a lot more then day to day! ) so i thought id just go for a black boring thing! 
Link here - (£4.99)

I thought id just put the link because if your interested in a boring make up bag you can check it out but i thought there was no point to put a photo of mine up. Trust me it's not exciting at all! 
I'm not going to go into detail on things because we will be here forever.
But these are the products i roughly use every day, things just change depending on how i feel or where I'm going, but most of the time the looks are just the same. 
Blushers: -Sleek (Sahara), -Sleek (Rose Gold) 
Primers: Avon (eyeshadow primer) Benefit (porefessional) 
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay (Naked 2) Mua ( undressed)
Lips: Maybelline ( Baby lips - Cherry me )
Foundation: Rimmel ( Stay matte ) Collection ( Cover & Go )
Eyeliner: Avon( Glimmer stick-black) Collection(Fast Stroke)
Concealer: Mua( hide&conceal) Collection ( Lasting Perfection)
Powder: Mua (Pressed Powder) 
Mascara: Avon( Super shock)

Wish List- Skin Care

I don't really think many people have a skin care ' wish list' I do, if I had unlimited money I would need to buy a separate house for everything because I'm that obsessed and that lame both at the same time. 
I'd love to have great skin, my face is freckly with big pores and blemishes constantly. 
I want to try a new moisturisers because i love using one, its a nice treat for the face but is also something so simple. 
i want to try the ' sanctuary illuminating moisture lotion ' 
this also has SPF 15 in it. that's always a bonus when the sun comes out ( in this country about once every four years ) I burn really easy because i have really fair skin so i try to look after my skin as best as possible, because i don't brown. i go red and then peel, and that is never good for the skin. 
I've only tried a few things from this brand, but have liked all the ones I've tried. I was a huge soap&glory fan last year, and still really do love some of their products and would always repurchase a certain few, but right now i really like this brand!
I've put the link in because if you check it out quickly, there is a great offer on!

As i said above i was a huge soap&glory fan.. but there is one product i haven't tried and cannot wait to get my hands on, its the ' soap&glory deep purifying hot cloth cleanser' I've heard great things about this!! never a bad thing, and really want to branch out and try different cleansers because there is no good just trying one.

I've inserted the link for this one too because its also on a promotion at the moment! 

I'm also going to mention the brand 'Freederm' because i really want to try something different from the brand i have tried a few things, they have been good but not that good that i constantly keep them in my skin care routine. But i haven't given up on the brand so if you've tried something great from the range then let me know so i can try something different!! 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hot cloth cleanser

Hot Cloth Cleanser!!
how smooth they make your skin! and are great for your skin too! 
Sadly I've only used one, that's reasonably priced, but once it runs out i think i will be trying to find a better quality one. But cheaper doesn't mean that its rubbish. its actually really good, and I've seen quite a few people use it. 

Even though i am literally obsessed with make up,hair and skin care, i was kind of unaware how good hot cloth cleansers were. I actually bought this a while ago, but just completely forgot about it and i was having a clear out of what i don't like/use and found this! 
This one also doesn't sting your eyes in anyway that you expect some products to do when you remove make up. Its really gentle and soothing. The cloth that comes with isn't the best, but you cant complain for the price. 

' Super drug Hot Cloth Cleanser with muslin cloth ' 
I've added the link below because at the moment they have a promotion on, like most things from the 'Superdrug' brand.
Originally its only £5.99, so even full price it isn't that badly priced. you get quite a lot of product too.

This is the one I've been using but i know there are MANY on the market out there. 
Super drug sell another version of this, which Ive always heard alot about.
So let me know if you've tried one, or even both and which one you prefer! 

Friday, 14 February 2014


Finally I own one of these! It's so exciting for me :) 
It's in the colour ' 101 celestial' 
There is an offer on at the moment in boots, they are only £4.99! Bargain so quickly head on over there and grab yours before the deal ends! 

In the USA I know they sell these but I know the colours are different, so I don't know what shade this would be abroad but check them out. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fragrance direct!

I'm sure most of you know exactly what this is, if you don't I think it's time you learnt. It's amazing, basically it's an online beauty store that sell 90% of things but cheaper! Some things a lot cheaper! Like Essie nail varnish, more than half the price cheaper. from makeup, to hair. Fake tan to skin. Most things you want you can buy here! Cheap delievey too! Check it out!  I've only used the website once, but a big order. It's really good and has lots of brands to choose from. 
Obviously they sell lots of perfumes too, as you can tell by the name of the store! 
The only one bad thing about this website is the stock. Every time I look I never know what they will have in. I can never find the one thing I want, but I guess if you want to try lots of things and are not fussy about things then this is the place for you! 
Check it out now :) 
I believe they do shop abroad too, but I'm not 100%.. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Botanics Review

I recently purchased 2 products from the ' botanics ' range by boots. I heard a few things about this range and after have a quick look around the Internet i decided to pick up little things that weren't too expensive so if i didn't get along with them it wouldn't be too much of a loss. 
So i decided to go with a face wash and a face scrub. Both at only £3.99 each, which i think was reasonable. 

At first when i first bought these i couldn't smell anything ( full of cold ) but now that has begun to wear off i can actually smell something, and its quite nice. Florally, i don't think i actually have full sense of smell back yet, but its getting there. I do like these products. I thought i would play it save and go for something that i use most often ( apart from moisturiser ) 
I am quite impressed though, seeing as the products are good value for money, and i like the way they leave my skin feeling. I use the face wash every day and the scrub every other day, mainly when i remember to in the shower, I think i will be looking at more of the range and going on a spree when i can!! 

Real Techniques!!

Have any of you tried the all famous ' Real Techniques ' brushes?? 
If you haven't then they are a brand obviously that makes brushes, they are actually made by ' Samantha Chapman ' one half of pixie woo, from You tube.  I've always heard so many things about them, and surprisingly never anything bad has been said. I've kind of never really wanted to try any until recently, i don't know what has changed but i feel like I'm the only blogger to not even own 1 of these brushes! LAME i know. 
So finally I'm taking the step, i have actually money from family to spend in boots from my birthday, which was ages ago. I think when its more of a gift you want to make sure your buying the right thing, well i know i do anyway. So i must of changed my mind 10 times about what i actually want to spend the money on, and then i decided why not try one of the real techniques brushes, and then if i like it then some time in the future i can purchase the sets if i find the first one worth it ( I'm sure i will ) 
Anyway onto to the brush. 
And yes its the ' expert face brush ' i thought i would go for something that i would use every day, to apply foundation. I've seen a lot of tutorials with this brush and as i can see it blends foundation in beautifully. 
I don't know how long it'll be until i received this because my local ' Boots ' store doesn't actually stock this so i need to get it ordered in, but as soon as i have it i will do a full review with photos of how my foundation looks without using this, and afterwards!! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

£1 product!

Today is just a quick review for you, it's on a concealer that I bought last week. It's the ' hide and and conceal ' from mua. And obviously as most of you know a lot of their products are £1. I think at one point everything was a £1 but as prices always do, they rise, and it's no different for this brand. 
This concealer obviously isn't the best but it's actually really good if you look at the price too. 
I don't like the thing it's self, if that makes any sense, but I don't like the stick itself but the product itself is great! 
It hides exactly what I need it to, and for most of the time too without it going cakey. I think it's one of those products though that you love or hate. 

Happy girl!

100! This is my 100th post! And I just want to thank every single one of you for reading my blog. I assume you've ended up hear accidentally but you don't know how much this means to me. Last year I became very ill and needed something to pass the time and I thought about it, about what I enjoyed doing or took any interest in. And it's beauty! Any thing beauty, skin, hair, anything! I just enjoy reading product reviews, checking out new products coming out. 
So to pass the time I started writing silly reviews on products, and now I really enjoy it and wish I could take it seriously enough to make a job out of it ( that'll never happen ) but It would be amazing. 
Thank you everyone so much!! 
Love you all xxxx 

Wish list- Hair

For hair there aren't many things I want to try, as I've tried already. But recently I've been using herbal essences straightening cream ( I've done a whole review already on this product- check previous post) I really like that so I want to try some other products by the same brand. I've tried a lot of the different types of shampoo and conditioner, as much as I liked them, they didn't do anything incredible for my hair. I would like to try one of their masks as i really like hair masks, as you can see and feel the results. I recommend a mask for anyone that has damaged hair. I have curly/frizzy hair; so it gets straightened a lot and also I bleach ends. 
I'd like to try the ' bee strong rinse off intensive mask' I love the smell of this range so hopefully I'm not disappointed when I do eventually pick it up. 

Next up I'm going to stick to the same brand because there Is another product I want to try. 
It's the ' beautiful ends cream red raspberry & silk' it claims to protect your hair against split ends and breakage. Hopefully the smell is just as good as the rest of the products that I've tried. 

I'm a huge dry shampoo lover. I don't use it constantly obviously but it's really helped me through some hair emergencies, I've recently been using the 'vo5 dry shampoo' but I want to try the one from dove. It's just difficult to find it near my area for some reason. But I will find it at some point. 
I've heard a lot of bloggers talking about, recommending how good it is. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Herbal essences

For the past 2ish months I've been using strengthening cream , and I don't know if it's because of this or the many other new products I've started using;my hair feels silky rather than dry and damaged. 
This product is really nice, for a start the smell, I cannot desribe it, but it's just how you expect herbal essences to smell. It's from the ' bee strong ' range  it ha honey and apricot essences. And also suggests that it's for damaged hair. 
I really do want to try a lot of different things from this range so this will be on my next to buy list. 
Just for the smell though id buy this again it smells that nice :) 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Garnier Micellar water

As some of you might know this was actually in my wish list a couple of days ago! I left the post so I could at least try the product a couple of times. 
I actually bought this from ' savers ' after reading somewhere that they sold it but cheaper than everywhere else! I wasn't disappointed I know that in 'boots' and 'superdrug' it is £4.99 full price, in 'savers' it was £2.99! That's an amazing price difference for exactly the same product. 
I recommend to anyone looking for a certain thing to shop around, try savers or even home bargains in case you can find it cheaper in there. 
I really do like this, I've been using the loreal version, and liked it but it has nothing on this! Not only the price difference because the loreal is also £4.99 but for 200ml the garner is 400ml. 
It gets off makeup super quick, I always wear dark eye makeup and within a few quick wipes with a cotton pad, I'm makeup free! 
Apparently it's a dupe on 'bioderma' I can't comment because I haven't actually tried that yet. 
If your looking for a product like this, try this out! 
I assume you can buy this product on line if you live abroad, but you'll have to have a quick google! 

Time to get fit not fat!

I'm really trying my best to lose weight recently, is that anyone else news years result ion? And if so who is sticking to it? Because I assume there is a good few people who have already given up. 
I'm really trying my best to lose weight and get fitter. When you can't fit in your best jeans you know it's time to do something ( no not buy bigger jeans) save your money just lose a bit of weight. 
I'm on a serious health kick, I love chocolate, crisps fizzy drinks, and now all of that has gone. 
Water and boring food is all I have now, oh yes and painful legs from excercise! 
Thank god for flavored water because my mouth would be dying without a bit of sweet flavour. 
I've downloaded an app recently that is really cool, it's for iphones\ipads but maybe you can get it or similar on other mobiles. It's the ' my fitness pal' 
It's really good! You just simply put it what you've eaten, where it's from and it comes up tells you atomatically how many calories it is and how many you should be eating every day. It's really helpful! If you haven't heard of it and are trying to lose weight, this should help lots! 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bargain bubble bath!

I'm a sucker for bubble bath and always need to have some in the house, horder alert!! 
Most of the time I also have some weather it be a full bottle, a bottle with a tiny bit in or a little sample of some sort, I need to have bubble bath in my life. 
Baths are for relaxing so I can stick whatever I want in the water. As long as it smells nice.
I thought id share with you my recent find. I was in pound land a few weeks ago and thought oh I'll get some bubble bath. I didn't have high expectations but bought some anyway. I know that radox bubble baths can be found for £1 but I've tried a lot and wanted something different. I picked up a strange branded bottle and have it a sniff! Beeeautiul! 
I couldn't not buy it. 
It's nothing too exciting but it smells incredible! They had a few other scents but as soon as I smelt this I didn't give the others chance. It really is fruity. It does leave your water looking a bit pink, but surely that's a good thing, all girls need pink somewhere! It makes loads of bubbles without using to much product and for £1 who really can moan? It is really nice. I think people think ' pound land' I'm not going in there. But think of things you need, is there any point paying £3 when you can spend £1? You need to check it out. 
When your next in there look for this bubble bath! Or any of the other range, and just have a smell. 

Wish list- Make up

I'm going to start a mini series, where i say what products are on my ' wish list ' so products that i really want to try, and hopefully will eventually. 
Today is the first of 5. And of course i have to start of with make up! 
This series is just going to be purely drugstore just in case anyone wondered!

I really want to try a nice foundation and concealer, when i was younger i had really bad skin and now it does seem to be improving, it must just be with age.
I've heard great things about these 2 products so really cant wait to get my hands on them! 
Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Sadly where i live the local ' Super drug ' dont stock ' Sleek ' So when i visit anywhere i also check it out but i really want to try their eyeliners!
Sleek Eau la la 
i would love to try their noir as an obvious but also would like to be daring and go for their raisin colour too. 

I will make sure i own one of these very soon. Its the ' Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain ' ( That's a mouth full ) 
i like the colour ' Honey 1 '

I know these post seem a little boring but i cant exactly comment on a product that i haven't even tried but if any of you have tried them and dont think they are worth trying let me know! 
Your comments would be much appreciated. 

Saturday, 1 February 2014


I've been doing my best to keep this blog posting at least once a day, but a little warning. I'm not well again! Tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it I'm going to try and get my bum into gear. But I'm full of sinusitis again. After getting rid of it a week again i have it back again. I swear I'm constantly ill. But some antibiotics and a good kick up the bum ill be fine! 
But I'm just pre warning my schedule may be a little all over the place for a few days just until i feel 100% again but i will do my best i promise!! :D

Face Masks - part 2

I decided to split to post into two because, i didn't want it to be extra long and drag on ; and also i thought i would do the tubes on a separate post. Also these aren't higher end but are obviously more expensive than £1.

I'm going to start off with an Avon product, It's actually a little gift set that i received for Christmas. But is a really good idea to try out different masks without buying the tube and then not liking it, So this was a great present idea. 
As you can see I've posted a photo of the actual packing it came in and what came with it. 12 sample ' planet spa ' face masks. I like the fact there is 3 different ranges to try out. I've not used all of these yet because i am constantly changing up my skin care routine and i think these are nice little travel friendly sized masks. As i said in the previous post to me a mask that has one use is silly, but i disagree on these because i think it's a lovely gift idea and you have a little bit of choice. 
All 3 of these masks are really good, 
- Thailand Lotus Flower Deep Pore Cleansing Face Mask
- Dead Sea Minerals Facial Mud Mask
- Mediterranean Olive Oil Hydrating Face Mask
I think this is a great gift and i really do like all 3 masks it comes with, I'm pretty sure you can buy the masks singular. I do really like these but maybe will not buy again afterwards because they are so hard to get your hands on. 

Next up

This is and isn't a face mask, it's actually a scrub but can be used as a mask. It's the ' Soap & Glory, Scrub Your Nose In It '
I was really excited to try this stuff, but i was very disappointed. The product is great does great things to your skin ( which is obviously what we want it to do ) but the smell is so strong. It stinks of mint, and just reminds me of toothpaste. No one wants to rub toothpaste all over their face. It actually looks like it too, It's a greeny blue colour. 
Overall though it is actually a good skin product, but for a 'Soap & Glory ' product you expect it to have the usual smell and this just surprised me. I actually bought it from a while ago because my local Boots didn't have any in and i was that excited to try it, so maybe if i had smelt it in the store i wouldn't of purchased it, but i did. Maybe if they change the horrible fragrance i will try it again, but it was too overpowering and stung my eyes. 


This next one is actually a really new one i have purchased so really its cheating putting it in here but i cant do a face mask post and not include all the ones around my house. This was an impulse buy, i hadn't read any reviews i literally went into the shop saw that it was on offer and thought ' ill have this ' afterwards when i left the shop i realised how much the product was full price. £10 is a little steep for me, but if its good enough maybe i can justify it. 
It's The ' Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask ' maybe some of you have tried it. I've used it once so cant really comment but the one time i have used it i quite enjoyed it. I don't really think it has a scent. Its really thick consistency but it left my skin really smooth and that what i like, i like to feel it doing something. 

Usa- Basically i think you could find all of these products online, Ebay or amazon will more than likely sell them. Maybe difficult to find, but you can. To be completely honest i dont know if you can be find any of these in shops! Let me know if you can. I've tried my best to find things out but obviously i only have ' Google ' to find out.