Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lipstick time!

Lipsticks are a funny thing, because I buy them, and I don't really use them. Yet I carry on buying them in hope that I will eventually find a color that suits me. If anyone can help reccommend a colour for me, my pale skin just makes them all look silly. I have a few to talk about today. Some Mua, and Avon. I will not give up on buying lipsticks because I eventually have to find one I like! As you can tell this will be full of pictures! 
      Starting with Avon, it's the ' color trend range' here's two lipsticks to show you. Below are two pictures. The one at the top is a hot pink, it is called ' doll pink' the one beneath is called ' pink holiday' and it's a lighter shade and isn't as much in your face. As you can in the swatch the colors are the other way round.
Next up MUA the cheapest make up brand in the drugstore, kind of :) once again I have two, one the lip boom but I don't like the lipgloss :). 
      The dark pink is very similar to the one above, I like the lighter pink. The dark is ' MUA shade 3' and was £1 for superdrug. The light is from the lip boom. Shade ' cheeky ' I do really like the lip stick but the lipgloss on is very bitty and I don't like it it smells beautiful but doesn't feel nice on your lips. 
I hope you like the colours, do start trying lipsticks if you've always wanted to, and at the price who can complain?! Cheap an cheerful! 
Thank you 
                                              Nicola xxx

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