Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Eyelash curlers

This might seem like a random thing to write about, but I've been loving mine recently. 
Its funny because they have been around for so many years and I've always had a couple of pairs in my draw, but just never really bothered to use them. Until recently.
I was on a night out and had run out of fake lashes. I thought ' I'll curl them, it might make a slight difference' But it made a huge difference i was so surprised. 
Its strange how I've never really bothered with them before, and obviously having a beauty blog shows how much I'm into the stuff, so why did it take me so long?! i wish it didn't, because now i use them every day. I LOVE THEM!!

Soap and glory!

I love soap & glory as i have mentioned quite a few times on my blog. Really i haven't ever had a product Ive hated, There has been some Ive liked less, but never really disliked. I don't know what it is about the brand that has made me fall in love. But as soon as i tried one thing i just wanted to keep buying. Don't get me wrong obviously i use other brands, i need to try new things. But i also end up buying S&G again. I'm obviously addicted.
Recently I've been using different shower gels and haven't actually used a S&G one for a while, but i slightly mentioned that i was going to buy some in for when we run out of the current one we are using. And without me even needing to go to the shop to point it out. My partner treated me, and bought me up a shower gel to work. 
It's the Sugar crush body wash, The smell is amazingly perfect. 
I've never had this scent before, to be honest I've only used ' clean on me ' but I want to branch out and try all the different scents. 
For now I'm enjoying this one, the citrus scent is really refreshing. 
If you haven't tried a soap and glory product get to boots. If you haven't tried a soap and glory shower gel get yourself one. They are £6.50 each which seems like a lot but it last months and that's no lie! Because it's in a pump it lasts ages. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014


That time of the month AGAIN.... how us females suffer each time it comes around. Cravings for chocolate, making us fat and when we dont get it straight away we become horrible and miserable. People around us moan about the way we are being horrible. And the spots! 
The spots is my point for this post today. I cant cope with my skin at the moment. Its Disgusting. 
I woke up this morning to about ten spots in a big circle on my chin. Maybe it wouldnt of been so bad if they were postioned in different places on my face, but NO that doesn't happen ; not to people with my luck anyway. 

I havent had a bad outbreak of big red spots since school, yes i do get spots but not this many at one time in one place. I think the stress of moving has made my skin terrible so now its the lady time again, its just gone to pot. 
That 12 year old skin again with acne when you went to school and people picked on you, its that all over again without the childish behaviour. 
Does anyone else suffer badly?? If so every month, or does it come and go?? 

A new foundation!!

Yes another new foundation, it's one I've been after for ages and have finally bought it myself it's the ' loreal true match' I read so many good things about it like a lot of new foundations. 
The consistency is really different to many other foundations I've used, its a lot runnier but it goes on easy and smoothly. 
The colour shade i bought is ' Ivory ' It isn't the lightest there was one other one, but that one looked a lot to light for my skin type.
The colour matches my skin very well. 
I'm impressed with first impressions but i can only comment correctly, when I've used it for a while, and how long it lasts on the skin, because for now i haven't worn it enough to know how long it would last. 
It was £9.99, from superdrug but i know that Boots is the same price, but some time ( a lot of the time ) at one of the shops there is normally a 3 for 2 deal so watch out for that because you save a decent amount of money. 
So far so good!! 

Recent Empties

I have a couple of empties, not many but i thought i would talk about them, before they go in the bin and i forget. 
Most of the things are shower related. 
I haven't really used up much recently, but i have rotated everything in my bathroom trying to get my fella to help use them up! 
I have some goodies waiting to be used and i hate waiting! 
I have been loving the radox shower gels, The new ones.. well quite new.
I used 2 different ones recently. 
- Berry Burst
- Cherry Blast
I really liked both of these, the creaminess of them and how they lather up. The fragrances are beautiful. I will defiantly repurchase these at some point because i did really enjoy these, ( think the fella did too, they went pretty quick ) Which is a downside, i like things to last, but they weren't very expensive. I think i bought them on offer at £1 each, ( I'm sure if you shop around you can find them at that price all the time ) 
These are the three in the range ( i think they have bought out a few more since )

Hot cloth cleanser

I have finally finished my hot cloth cleanser ( i dont mean that in a bad way ) i thought it was never going to end.. The product is so worth the money, it just kept going and going.
I was so impressed. I love this product and bought a new one quite a few weeks ago before i thought it was running out. Boy was i wrong.. I finally used it up tonight. 
This was the first hot cloth cleanser i've ever used and to be completely honest when i first bought it i didn't even know what it was, until i heard someone else taking about it, and started using it. Ive used it every day every since. 
I want to try a few others but haven't got around to it yet.. But i will. 
Its the Superdrug Hot cloth cleanser with muslin cloth. 
Full price £5.99, normally it is on offer, because each time I've bought it it has been around £3.00 

Sanctuary shower gel
This was a new try to me, i've never tried the brand before. i bought a gift set just after christmas from boots when it goes half price. It including a few different things, like shower gel body butter etc. I was really excited to try the brand after i heard a lot of things about the range. 
I have to admit i wasn't a huge fan off the shower gel. There was nothing great about it, the smell was overly nice. You didn't get a lot of product i was quite disappointed. I still have some more products to try from the range so i wont give up for the range just yet.  

Friday, 2 May 2014

New lipstick!

Finally I have purchased the lipstick I have been wanting for a while, it's the ' loreal paris color riche collection privee ' 
For those who don't know it's a nude collection that had been made into nudes from celebrities. 

i bought the shade ' Cheryl's nude ' there are quite a few different shades of nudes. i love my lipstick, its my lips but with a hint of shine. its so soft and moisturising, makes the lips feel smooth.
It took me a while to buy this lipstick, and i dont know why but i wish i purchased it a long time ago. But finally i have it!!
If your after a nice nude lipstick you should check out this range.
They are £8.19 each, but alot of places are always having a 3 for 2 offer so if you want a few things make sure one of these are in your basket!! 

sorry again

Sorry about the lack of posts :( 
1. I just haven't had time ( I'm trying my best ) but working in a seaside town obviously when it's school holidays, I have no time to myself what so ever!!! 
2. Because I have been busy I haven't had chance to buy new things to talk about it :) now I'm glad that such thing as the internet is avaiable for me to order what I like! :) 
I promise I am doing my very best to keep up!!