Monday, 22 July 2013


Hey everyone! A bit different today, but I wanted to talk about my new handbag,it's not expensive or very exciting,I've told you I have limits of spending and will not spend alot( very often) I'm going to talk about a few others I have had before and loved, and a few I want in the future! 
This is my new beautiful handbag that I'm obviously in love with ( I think it's a girl thing ) but it's from Dorothy Perkins. It's from the 'kardasian kollection ' I literally walked in and it was on promotion and I thought I couldn't resist, as you can see its a very light cream colour, with old studs at the corners, I really do love big oversized bags I have a few small ones but the bigger the better ;)! It was priced £55 down to £30 who could I resist!? 

Next up is a ' Paul's boutique ' I was a little obsessed with this brand for a while, chav or not?! The picture below was the first one I bought, cost about £70 what was I thinking???! At the time I loved it, was very proud of it. 
      Now I'm glad I don't have it!, just looks tacky ( my own opinion I guess! ) I loved the size, it was big enough to fit everything in it. Some times the size wound me up, but overall I loved it ( ish ) 

The next handbag I want to talk about I'm so dossapointed I don't have the bag anymore, and can't find a picture anywhere! ( the worst blogger in the world) but anyway I'll talk about it anyway, 
      Yes it's another pauls boutique one! And I'm so annoyed I can't show you because this one was actually beautiful. I loved it, it was the same size as the previous, but it was white with gold straps and zips. It looked a lot
Classier. You could tell it was Paul's boutiques but it wasn't pushed in your face. It got dirty quickly because at the time I used it at college, so it got warn down quickly. It was a limited edition bag, if it wasn't I would of bought it again :). I liked it that much. Sorry that I can't show you :( 

Thank you for reading!!! 
                                                Nicola xxx

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