Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blush Palette

Hey Everyone!

I bought my first blusher palette, from make up revolution, ' Hot Spice ' 
It was actually the first thing i had ever purchased from the brand,. as recently i haven't really been updating my make up bag, just living of the essential;s when its ran out i've repurchased the same thing.. Lazy of a beauty lover, but i am making up for it now. 

I wanted a palette for a long time, as they are only £6, there was a choice of 2, one was a pink collection, and the other orange shades. 
I went for the orange, but have made a hint to my partner i want the other one, so if he doesn't buy it i will just buy it myself. 
As you can see there are 8 shades in the palette, so 100% worth every penny, less than £1 a blusher, could it get any better?
It also has a full size mirror so it makes using it even easier. 
Each day i use a different colour and have loved every one, the pay off is very good, you don't need to add much to your brush. If neglected it will become very messy though, so you need to really look after it ( and i would advice buying it !!) 
Available in your local Superdrug,
Nicola, xxx 


Hey Everyone! 
I'm sorry that it has been a very long time but as you can tell from the title, i'm now a mummy. A very proud one i'd like to add. There is literally no other better feeling in the world, my life feels complete. 

Alfie was born 3rd September, which as you can tell makes him 3 months old. So it's a very late announcement. But now he's getting older i feel like i have a little more time on my hands, to pick up my blog again. 
He's a great baby, sleeps at night; has done for a month now, and eats well. He's gorgeous, just the right combination of mummy and daddy. 
He was a nice surprise as i didn't know i was pregnant till late in the pregnancy, but the best surprise we've ever had, and he is easily the best thing ever to happen to me and his father. 

My blog will be taking a different approach now, i'm still very much into my beauty so that side of things will still be the same, but there will be post all about motherhood, so if your not into that, there will be something for everyone. 
Nicola, xxx