Saturday, 13 July 2013

Miss decorator :)

A homely post today of my little bathroom. I'm sure it would be a lot better if I did a video, but I just don't have the facilities to show you all :(. So I have a tiny simple bathroom. With a simple bath, a sink and of course a boring toilet ( they are all the same ) so with it being such a bad little room you have to try and deal with it and make it a little better if possible. So I thought instead of Boeing white walls, I would paint it cream/ magnolia to be true. It doesn't make that much difference but freshens things up a little and adds a tiny colour. We live in a rented property so there isn't much we can do. So I thought about adding black, make it look a bit more clean and posh ;) try anyway ( bit impossible haha) so I bought a few things to change the look of it. 
            The best purchase of the day, and the best thing in my bathroom now. 
It's this cute handle holder. How perfect does It look? It was a bargain at £5.99 :O  it was white sadly so I managed to find some black spray paint to make it perfect! :) how beautiful. 
Next up a boring product but I thought if add it to the post. 
Yes it's a toilet seat! How exciting and obviously doesn't look very exciting but it was only £9.99 from Argos and its wooden so is so much better then our tacky white plastic one. The room looks better already! 

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