Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I know I never talk about high end but I fancy a little treat, what mac brushes do people recommend I'm putting in an order soon need advice :) 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Soap and glory part 2 :)

I have some more soap and glory products too review today! I was looking through my old posts and thought I'd go back to my first one but better, with different products I've used since. Obviously in my first post I hardly wrote about many products from this brand and of course I've tried a lot more besides them. So let's get this show started! 
Let's start with scrubs. 
' sugar crush body scrub ' 

This product is great. The smell is nothing I've ever smelt, it has strange ingredients that you can't imagine together so you can really smell them. 

Crushed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains 
           You can really smell the lime and almond. It's strong but not to strong that it puts you off. It's a great scrub does what you want it too, I think the packaging design on the front is nice too. I know it doesn't make much different but if it was plain and boring you wouldn't want to buy it. 
      You can buy this product either from amazon or boots. 
'Pulp friction '
As you can see this body scrub won the stylist skin care award 2012. 
     I decided to buy this one because I liked the fact it foamed up. I just got interested by that factor of the product. Also the fact it said it had a foamy fruity smell. ( this was true) It worked as well as other scrub but with that extra bonus. I really enjoyed this product( its not finished) I don't know if I'd repurchase just because it didn't seem to last long, maybe but it was a tube. My others seem to last alot longer. It wasn't as expensive as the other soap and glory scrubs, but I guess I don't mind paying more if it'll last longer. 
       Maybe one day I'll re buy it, but for now I don't have plans to. 
But I will say if you also are interested in trying a foamy scrub this is the one for you! 

This product can be bought from the same places. Amazon and boots. 

A different type of scrub now

' scrub your nose in it ' 

Let's talk about about a different type of scrub now, a facial one. This one doubles up as a scrub and a mask. 
      It is supposed to ' help recline larges pores and prevent blemishes' a tall order but I think it does it's job. It's a good product, and I have noticed a change in my skin, I have always had bad skin and it helps quite a bit. 
     One thing I don't like is the smell. It's horrible ; it is minty and is just like a heap toothpaste, it is obviously something in it. But I don't like it one bit. It hurts my eyes because it's so strong. 
     Aside from that, I do like it and would more then likely re purchase when it runs out, unless someone advises a better one? Any suggestions?

Onto hair, obviously this is a smell part. 

' glad hair day ' 
I randomly went into boots and decided to buy some hair stuff. Purely because I keep trying different body products etc and wondered what the hair ones were like. 
         Both of these products were £5.50 each from boots, but as most people know boots ' soap and glory ' is 99% of the time on 3 for 2. I haven't bought anything that hasn't been in this promotion.  
       I didn't really like the product. It was ok. But I won't be buying it again. It wasnt anything special or amazing. The smell was nice, but I have used better at cheaper price, or at the same price. 



Can you believe I'm writing about Christmas already! 
     But of course it's the best time of the year, cold winters days, cuddling up on the sofa, films on the sofa. Christmas adverts. Busy shops. There are loads of things I love about the time of the year. 
      But anyway onto it ; I have already been Christmas shopping. Only a few little things, but I love buying early it gets me all excited and happy an warm inside. I love buying. Things for people, knowing it'll make them happy. It's wonderful pleasing other people. 
       As each day goes ( yes I know it's ages yet ) I can get away with buying things and getting excited. 
Thinking what to get people is lovely, and then thinking about wrapping ideas ( I think that's way to early ) but it's so exciting. It's mine and my partners 2nd Christmas living together. And this year we are spending most of day alone in our house this year and then visiting family because we thought It would be nice spend the morning in bed with breakfast and a few meaningful presents :)
     Enough about it anyway :p get shopping everyone you'll feel good! 
                                                Nicola xxx 

I'm going to be an auntie!

I had to do a post just purely because I'm excited, 
I only have 1 sister and sadly I never have the opportunity to err have any more ; but yes as the total says. I'm going to be an auntie. My sister is twelve weeks pregnant ( it means I have a while to wait until we know the sex ) but with it being my first niece or nephew they will get spoilt rotten! Isn't having a new family in the baby a blessing and a beautiful thing. I'm so excited( obviously thinking about all the money it's going to cost ) but it's so exciting!!! 

Favourite's in life!

This post is all about me today, I'd like my readers to know about me ( if anyone cares :p ) 

Favourite alcoholic drink 
I have to admit its not very classy for a girl but I love cider, weather it's normal apple of flavoured like kopperberg etc.

Favourite walkers crisps
I hardly ever see them around anymore :( but I love ' BBQ rib ' does anyone remember them? The black ones. They are the best ones ever. I miss seeing them around. 

Favourite ice lollies
I love nobbly bobbly's the lollies with the balls around them like 100's and 1000's it's chocolate and strawberry ice cream in the middle. They are beautiful, so maybe this ice lolly one needs two! Because I have another favourite one! ZAPP! Please tell me people know what I'm talking about because they are beautiful. I can't describe the taste but they ate multi coloured. Yummy yummy. 

Favourite ice cream 
Coffee! I hate coffee in general I love any thing coffee flavoured but not the drink ( strange taste buds aren't they ) it's just hard to buy but luckily I live at a sea side so there is enough ice cream shops to choose from. 

Favourite fruit 
I love grapes. Obviously strawberries are everyone's favourite but I love green grapes. The problem is I just eat them too quick, so have to keep buying them which is a nightmare. 

Favourite colours ( I'll allow two ) 
Red and black. I think everyone's changes constantly, mines gone from purple to pink to blue. But at this exact moment they are my favourites. I like them on clothes, decorations, nail vanish etc.

Favourite band
This one is a hard because I have a lot of bands I like to listen to, but I like the script, I have all their albums, and this year I did actually have tickets to go and see them but sadly I couldn't go because I got seriously Ill. 

Favourite tv shows ( yes shows ) 
How I met your mother, glee, corrie,eastenders and hollyoaks. Yes there are a fair few ( and some make me an old granny, but never mind. I could watch them all, all day! 

Favourite animal 
A orca whale ( killer whale ) I love them, and I know it's a strange animal to like its not like you can keep one as a pet in your garden. But I think since I was a kid and of course watched ' free willy ' I got obsessed, I've seen really ones in life and yes ( got emotional ) I just love how elegantly they move and how beautiful they look in general 

Favourite Disney chacater 
Stitch! I love him ( I have teddies at the age of 19 ) 

Favourite horror films
Night mare on elm street or final destination ( I say scary but neither are really ) I love them! 

Favourite love film 
The notebook, it makes me cry every day, but of course I've seen a lot that could possibly be contenders but at the end of the day it's always the same, because it's so beautifully written and portrayed. 

Thank you for reading. 
Ask me some more I will be willing to do any that you request! 
                                                Nicola xxx

Monday, 29 July 2013

Train journeys

I''m sure not many people will care about this post. But doesn't it make you laugh that Nottingham would close their station during the 6 weeks holidays! How insane! The busiest time of the year when people want to go on holiday ect and they close it.... Mad! 
      Also another thing that makes me laugh, when people get on a train and there must be about 10 people already got on the train, there is 3 carriages, so why would people think they have to run to get a seat?! It's crazy. Some silly people in this world. They make me laugh! 

Random post but I thought I'd make you laugh :) 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Life's tough times!

I'm sure we've all had moments in life when we've sat and said to our selfs ' why is it always me' ' where's my good luck ' or you could be just the opposite. 
       Life's hard, you lose you loved one at some point, you go through hard times and obviously the good. Money troubles, enough money to go on holiday, and back around again. Life literally changes every day, but you also never know what's going to happen, tomorrow could bring a number of things, happiness sadness many different unexpected emotions. You could win the lottery and sadly get hit by a bus. People say ' live every day like its your last ' but I'm sure at some point people wish it was their last. How can you live it when it's sad, and heart breaking etc. 
         So I guess the point I'm trying to say is life is a roller coaster full of unexpected twists turns and being chucked upside down. But you always have to try and look at the bright side of life, think of one thing good in your life; just smile. Smiling leads to happiness eventually, it might take a long time, but life can be a long time. Don't dwell! 

I know today's different but it's been one of those hard weeks. 
Thank you, love you
                                               Nicola xxx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Updated fake tan! Enjoy

I keep reading blogs about fake fan recently and re read through my post about fake tan and then realised how poor the description was! ( must of Been a bad day) so lets start again, I'm going to delete that post and do it over! With pictures. I will speak about packaging, price,value for money, and will rate out of ten for everyone!!! 
I thought that we would start with fake bake products because I have a few. 

So first up is the ' fake bake airbrush' as you can see its a spray format, In very beautiful and stylish packaging. It makes the product looks expensive with it being gold with the black at the bottom. This product is very good, because it's easy to use, instead of getting fake tan possibly on your hands you are safe, but it helps if you have someone to help because it's awkward to reach certain places. Your back is very hard to do alone. So bare having someone with you when you use. Brings out a nice colour, not to orange, but I also think every skin tone reacts different so bare that in mind aswell. 
This retails at- £20 in the uk 
This is amazon prices and here's a link to check it out

I would give this product 7/10 
I like it but like I said its awkward to do alone. 

Next up is another fake bake product as promised :) 
' fake bake flawless ' I'm sure this is the most obvious fake bake one from the range. It's a pure classic. It comes with a mitt and a pump to make it easier for application. 
       The tanning mitt is a good quality one aswell, this product is also good packaging, this is a fake tan you have to keep on over night and obviously has the fake tan smell and I wouldn't reccommend it on white sheets, but I'm sure 90% of fake tans are like that. This is a good product though, and I really liked it. This is where you can buy this product from at - £16.11
I'm going to give this product a 7/10. I like the overall product and would repurchase again. 

' fake bake 60 minutes ' I love this product! It's perfect for a rush day, or even if you just don't want to sleep wearing the tan because of the smell or it'll ruin your sheets. There are many reasons why people don't like to sleep wearing tan over night. 
      Obviously this tan does what it says on the bottle. It's 60 minutes tan. So you simply put the tan on and you can wait just one hour to wash the top layer off. You can leave it on upto 3 hours for a maxium tan. I normally do it twice, wait 2 hours for both coats and then I have the desired colour I want. Obviously all the packagings are similar, but any girl that fake tans would love this version because its pink! 
      This product is perfect, outside and inside, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes tanning. Quick and simple. I will make sure I re buy this product ( hopefully it doesn't run out any time soon ) it's my best fake tan I own, and have ever owned. 
I found it hard to find this product hard at first, I know amazon is cheaper because every where else is £24.99, but it appears to be unavailable to buy from amazon. But if you would like to purchase check around to get a good deal!

I give this product a 10/10 personal opinion but I love how easy it is to use, and how quick it drys. 

Here is a link on official fake bake website where you can buy products.

This website shows a lot of different ones, and I'm sure everyone can find one they would like. 

Next up! 
Gradual tanners, I have a few of these so I thought it would only be right to add them to this detailed description to help people decide if they are looking for a tanner but something not too heavy. 
First we have the ' palmers natural bronze gradual tanner ' this one smells amazing! Obviously it has the norml coco butter smell, which is amazing because it's normally the smell of tabs ect that put people off. 
This is obviously just normal palmers packaging, but it's cream instead of white. And yes my one is very messy, obviously with tan ( looks minging ) 
             This tan is great because you can reapply  a few times a week if your not happy with the colour, if it's not dark enough, but obviously it's not designed to be the stero typical orange tan. 
I found it hard to find this product in the shops, every where seemed to be out o stock when I looked, but I finally manage to find some! I'll put some links underneath of shops to find it in, instead of buying online.
As you can see at the moment it's cheaper in superdrug because of a promotion.
Surprisingly it is also on promotion at boots! Which is a bonus 

It is also sold on amazon but the prices seem a little dear. 
I'm going to rate this product a 8/10.
This smell is a huge advantage to this product! 

' dove summer glow ' this product is around everywhere, in supermarkets the normal beauty/ drugstore shops and others. I have seen it everywhere recently. 
    I bought this is a whole ago and have only used it twice. Obviously it just does just as it says. Gives you a summer glow, without the streaks etc. ( you will get streaks with any gradual tanner If you are not careful with application. But 80% of the time be careful and it'll look just how you expect it too. The smell is just he usual tan ish biscuit smell. You can get it in different shades, light to medium and medium to dark. Me being thick I didn't realise that when I first bought it, an instead o getting the light one( which is the one I need ) I got the darker one, so the tan comes out a little darker than I anticipated but if I repurchase I will make sure that I buy the correct one. My silly mistake!  
     It's an okay tan though, for a gradual one, and it isn't too pricy. 
I don't think I'll buy it again as I have a lot of different ones open at the same time ( and I hate it!) So maybe when ive finished a few I might think about it. 
This is the link where you can buy it from :) at £5.10 full price.
I rate this 7/10

A few random tans! 

This is an old tan that I've had for a while, and to be honest I don't know why I'm keeping it, I didn't like it the first few times I used it, but I like to give things a chance, and will think about trying it out again one day this summer. Maybe..... 
There isn't much to say about this tan, because it's not very exciting ( hopefully ill change my mind. I'll keep you updated if I try it again, and just give up and throw it away. We will see :) 

I couldn't believe it when I researched this! How expensive it is now, I know when I bought it I paid no where near as much for it. It is now a huge £13.49 which I think is expensive for a loreal tan. Very surprised by this. 
I give it a low 5/10 

Next up ( I don't have a picture ) as I'm writing this on my iPad and I'm struggling to upload a picture. 
Of course it is the ST MORIZ! 
Everyone knows this is the cheap alternertive to ' st tropez' but about an eigth of the price. It's about £3. Who would of thought anyone could make a product so cheap. How do they make a profit? And you can buy this from anywhere, home bargains, savers anywhere less expensive will stock it. 
       It's not obviously as good as the high end tans, but it works it gives you color. Yes it smells and yes it can streak, but if you used to tanning and are good st applying it you might as well try it. 
I wasn't going to add this product but thought I should. 
I give it a 8/10 purely for the price! 

I know it's been a long post but I hope everyone appreciates it, and if it helps one person then I've done my job. Thank you so much for reading! 
                                                                                                                                            Nicola xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013


Omg thank you every that has accidentally ended up on my blog. This means the world! I started this blog for something to do I always wanted to do it but just never did. I have no idea why, but seeing my views go up each day makes me smile. It means that weather people mean to or not, or if they can't even be bothered to read it, maybe they did, maybe they didn't, it was my blog! So thank you to each and every one of you. Truth is I promise to everyone that next year I'm going to focus on videos, I'm nervous and that's what keeps putting me off, I record and then once again get thank you for making me happy through a hard time. don't stop me now ! Come on guys comment I wanna know what you want ect, your the people that matter, that I care about! Thank you once again every single last person!!!! 
                                             Nicola xxx


Hey everyone! A bit different today, but I wanted to talk about my new handbag,it's not expensive or very exciting,I've told you I have limits of spending and will not spend alot( very often) I'm going to talk about a few others I have had before and loved, and a few I want in the future! 
This is my new beautiful handbag that I'm obviously in love with ( I think it's a girl thing ) but it's from Dorothy Perkins. It's from the 'kardasian kollection ' I literally walked in and it was on promotion and I thought I couldn't resist, as you can see its a very light cream colour, with old studs at the corners, I really do love big oversized bags I have a few small ones but the bigger the better ;)! It was priced £55 down to £30 who could I resist!? 

Next up is a ' Paul's boutique ' I was a little obsessed with this brand for a while, chav or not?! The picture below was the first one I bought, cost about £70 what was I thinking???! At the time I loved it, was very proud of it. 
      Now I'm glad I don't have it!, just looks tacky ( my own opinion I guess! ) I loved the size, it was big enough to fit everything in it. Some times the size wound me up, but overall I loved it ( ish ) 

The next handbag I want to talk about I'm so dossapointed I don't have the bag anymore, and can't find a picture anywhere! ( the worst blogger in the world) but anyway I'll talk about it anyway, 
      Yes it's another pauls boutique one! And I'm so annoyed I can't show you because this one was actually beautiful. I loved it, it was the same size as the previous, but it was white with gold straps and zips. It looked a lot
Classier. You could tell it was Paul's boutiques but it wasn't pushed in your face. It got dirty quickly because at the time I used it at college, so it got warn down quickly. It was a limited edition bag, if it wasn't I would of bought it again :). I liked it that much. Sorry that I can't show you :( 

Thank you for reading!!! 
                                                Nicola xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Pamper time!

Everyone looks a hot bath with lots of beautifully fragranced bubbles! Perfect. We've been having bad problems with our water recently and had no hot water for 3 weeks! You can imagine what a nightmare, washing in cold water or using the kettle! I felt poor! And when we didn't do that we went to families houses to shower, that's even worse! Talk about embarrassing, but guess what!? Our landlord finally came up trumps and fixed our hot water today :) so right now I'm in the bath enjoying the boiling water against my skin, the face mask is on and like I said all the bubbles are surrounding me. The amazing bubble bath im using is ' strawberry sorbet ' from Avon. I have so much different ones! I love them all! And the face mask is also an Avon product, it's from their planet spa range, made with japanese sake and rice. How fancy! Just a little post today ( well the 2nd ) I'm going a little blog crazy recently :) don't mind me. Hope everyone has a good night! 
                                              Nicola xxx

Saturday, 13 July 2013

July empties!!!

Boring days. Everyone hates being bored! Me especially. ( not that I'm any different to anyone else ) and I wish I could say that I have lots of interesting things to talk about but I don't. But I've found a few empties so we will discuss them today, hust a load of bits and bobs, I've found around the house. A few make up a few random bathroom empties. I've never done an empties blog before but I thought why not start, give me something else to do! So we will start with bathroom, because they are least interesting compared to make up. I prefer them but personal opinions :). 
First up I thought we'd start with some hair bits! So of course I've spoke about this range and this scent before, so it was pretty obvious it was going to show up at some point! As you can see its herbal essences ' hello hydration' I will try not to bang on as I normally do. 
       It's my favourite drugstore shampoo/conditionerI love it so much! Not only does it make my hair look great it's the scent and the way I can smell it as I'm styling my hair! Love love love, repurchase has already been done. Another hair product, Shampoo! 

As you see it's from Avon! ' damage repair' I totally disagree weather it's just me that doesn't like it I don't know. Fair enough it cleaned my hair but apart from that didnt do anything! It was on offer that's the only reason I bought it, but hugely was disappointed. Not buying again! You can get way better shampoo at the same price. 

Another hair product! I've been using them all up this month!, it's the vo5 ' give me texture collection' I liked this conditioner. It didn't really give me texture but I don't really need it on my hair, but I like the product it's self, the packaging, the price, and also the smell. I like shampoos and conditioners to have a certain smell. And this definitely did. I can't explain the smell, it's the average vo5 smell, but I really like it, I will more than likely repurchase but not straight away. 
Finally I have a bathroom product that isn't hair related! It's shower gel! 
And it's not just shower gel, but the best smell one I've ever used. I LOVE the pink grapefruit collection at the ' body shop ' it smells so nice, I would buy anything of this scent! I have the perfume and it's the best one I have! I just enjoy this so much! Sadly I've ran out :( and don't live close to a shop. But when I get chance I will repurchase! I have the strawberry one to finish first, and them maybe :) maybe get through some more and I will ( have too many stocked up ) love love
Love it! 
        Going onto a few make up bits! 
Starting of with foundation. And I'm sure everyone recognises it because every blogger has talk about this at some point. ' rimmel wake me up ' this foundation is the one I reach to every day. It's perfect for my skin tone, I always have to use a powder on top but I normally use one by choice anyway. But I love this, the shade I use is ' ivory ' or ' true ivory' it's the glass bottle which makes it look more expensive but is a nightmare to use up the last bit. I have loads of these and will re purchases time and time again until I find another saviour. Roughly 7 ish pound, I bought mine for just under 5, from savers! So if your in the uk, check savers if they have any. Cause it's cheaper. 
Avon product again! This one is an eye brow pencil, ' brow definer' the colour I use is blonde, I used to use this every day, because I do really like it, but since then I've found a better alternative. I started using a perfect coloured eye shadow, this product is £6 but quite often it is on promotion at just £3. The down side is it doesn't last long, which is very annoying. I maybe will re purchase but I'm not 100% sure. 
Thank you for reading! If anyone does seem to follow me I'm sorry for it being so long, but I didn't want it to be top short so I had to wait a bit until I finished a few more things :) 
                                               Nicola xxx

Knock off!

What a knock off! Look at ' Muas' new packaging, which is obviously supposed to be a dupe for ' Essie' 
Can you believe it? And look at the size difference, I understand there is a lot of price difference but it's the most smallest nail vanish I've ever seen. 
Very disappointed in this packaging.
Preferred the old style ones. 

Crazy about nails

Update nail varnish, it's all about Avon this time! I have a few pictures to show you which ones im talking about today :) 
         First up Avon speedry, my all time favourite of course! 
I only 3 new ones :). The purple color is called ' pronto purple' 
The cream colour in the middle is called ' swift sherbet' 
And then the nice pale green is called ' turquoise pop' 
I like all 3 of these colours and have been using them recently. 
Next up! The mosaic effects- 
Obviously I only have 2 of these ones. They are both glitter and are very nice as crackle nail paints. 
The purple is called ' plum illusion' 
And the silver is called ' mosaic mica' 
Like I said I really like these for something different, a night out or special occasion they look great, but look loads better on longer nails. 
Nail wear pro, the ultimate Avon nail varnish their first collection so it's obviously the oldest. Sorry about the photo not being able to view easily. Some of these are quite oldish and one or two are newer. 
The copper colour, with slight glitter is ' lucky penny' 
The bright orange ( perfect for summer ) is called ' coral beat ' 
The next two are a bit older as you can tell and are both also glittery colours.
The blue is - spendid blue 
The pink is -pink radiance
I do love nail vanish! But I also a few treatments the one I'm going to show is 
As you can see its nail experts 24k gold strength I have always had weak nails that break and I really think this has been helping! Try it out! 
Thank you for reading! 
Love you all.
                                                Nicola xxx

Miss decorator :)

A homely post today of my little bathroom. I'm sure it would be a lot better if I did a video, but I just don't have the facilities to show you all :(. So I have a tiny simple bathroom. With a simple bath, a sink and of course a boring toilet ( they are all the same ) so with it being such a bad little room you have to try and deal with it and make it a little better if possible. So I thought instead of Boeing white walls, I would paint it cream/ magnolia to be true. It doesn't make that much difference but freshens things up a little and adds a tiny colour. We live in a rented property so there isn't much we can do. So I thought about adding black, make it look a bit more clean and posh ;) try anyway ( bit impossible haha) so I bought a few things to change the look of it. 
            The best purchase of the day, and the best thing in my bathroom now. 
It's this cute handle holder. How perfect does It look? It was a bargain at £5.99 :O  it was white sadly so I managed to find some black spray paint to make it perfect! :) how beautiful. 
Next up a boring product but I thought if add it to the post. 
Yes it's a toilet seat! How exciting and obviously doesn't look very exciting but it was only £9.99 from Argos and its wooden so is so much better then our tacky white plastic one. The room looks better already! 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Our beautiful baby

Today is a different post and I think tomorrow will be a homely blog. If everyone is ok with that :). Ive been shopping today for decorations and such for my bathroom because it was dull and depressing so I wanted a bit of change. Enough about that and onto my beautiful baby! My husky puppy! Ive got some pictures below of him and his growing up so far. He's 8 months old and a beauty! 
         Jasper is a winner because he does us proud. He had his first real outing a few months ago to a little dog show. Where he won! He won best looking big male, and over all male. And then best in show! He's just beautiful. He entered a free competition that day for a Callander which he then won. Which means hell be in a calander! He's my first ever dog, so he's extra special, he's funny active an cheeky. If anyone is thinking of getting a husky, they are wonderful pets, they need a lot of time attention and exercise but they are so worth it. So a bit different today but I hope everyone enjoys anyway! 
Thank you for reading about my beautiful baby! Love you jas! 
                                           Nicola xxx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thank you

Today's post ( I know I've already posted) but I want to say thank you to each and every person that has stumbled across my blog. I started blogging because I had a lot of time on my hands. For the last six months I've been recovering from brain surgery. 6 months today in fact and it's been hard, changed my whole outlook on life, also my appearance, as six months ago I was bald from the front to about 4 inches back, I now have hair ( not much ) but hair. And I want to thank all of you because everyone has kept me sane during these last few tough months. In not fully recovered yet, it's going to be a while yet, but I'm nearly there. I'm lucky to be Alive and appreciate each day as it comes. Sadly I don't have much family just my sister and great nan, so I want to say thank you to my partner ( he shoul be reading ;) because he's been my rock. And I love him so much. It's just a post to say remember life is wonderful and should be chearsed because we don't have forever. 
Thank you to everyone reading <3 you've all helped so much. Love you all 
                                               Nicola xxx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lipstick time!

Lipsticks are a funny thing, because I buy them, and I don't really use them. Yet I carry on buying them in hope that I will eventually find a color that suits me. If anyone can help reccommend a colour for me, my pale skin just makes them all look silly. I have a few to talk about today. Some Mua, and Avon. I will not give up on buying lipsticks because I eventually have to find one I like! As you can tell this will be full of pictures! 
      Starting with Avon, it's the ' color trend range' here's two lipsticks to show you. Below are two pictures. The one at the top is a hot pink, it is called ' doll pink' the one beneath is called ' pink holiday' and it's a lighter shade and isn't as much in your face. As you can in the swatch the colors are the other way round.
Next up MUA the cheapest make up brand in the drugstore, kind of :) once again I have two, one the lip boom but I don't like the lipgloss :). 
      The dark pink is very similar to the one above, I like the lighter pink. The dark is ' MUA shade 3' and was £1 for superdrug. The light is from the lip boom. Shade ' cheeky ' I do really like the lip stick but the lipgloss on is very bitty and I don't like it it smells beautiful but doesn't feel nice on your lips. 
I hope you like the colours, do start trying lipsticks if you've always wanted to, and at the price who can complain?! Cheap an cheerful! 
Thank you 
                                              Nicola xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Perfume time!

Perfumes :) 

We all love a good fragrance, weather it be something sweet, floral, or something less in your face. Everyone has different tastes, I have 4 to talk about today, that vary in price, but all ones I have and have been using. The first one I have to talk about is Paco robanne ' lady million ' I love this perfume I got my first bottle a while ago and have got it many times again. The packaging is very nice gold and metal it makes it look expensive, and I'm not saying its cheap, I can't say a price because everywhere is different but it does vary. So normally I just always ask for a lot of perfumes for christmas, because people hate buying perfume for them selves, and the prices soon add up. This year I got it in a gift set it looked beautiful and my partner got the same but the male version ( we got many his and hers presents. It was our first Christmas living together. Here's a picture below. 

The next one is a bit different. It's fruity and is cheaper. It's from the body shop. I think it's all a new collection they have started doing but I'm very grateful. 
        I have always used this fragrance in body butters and scrubs for a long time. I love the smell it's heavily smelling but doesn't get to much like some of the other sweeter smells. Drum roll please...... PINK GRAPEFRUIT! This stuff is delicious ( smelling, I haven't eaten it xD) it's the body shops best smell. It looks like this and comes in a 30ml bottle. Which is annoying because it goes so quick because it's addictive. But I have to keep buying it because it's the best thing in the world. It's £8.50 for the little bottle which isn't to bad. They do lots of other fragrances in this range, so whatever your favourite is try them :). 
          Next up....DKNY. As people know this brand have so many different perfumes your spoilt for choice, so I didn't decide which one to get. One of my family members did, thinking they would know I would like it, and I do :) it's beautiful. They got one from the apple range. ' red delicious ' it's a beautiful smell but since then I have smelt a few others from this range and now know which one to ask for for Christmas ( cheeky me ) I am very grateful they bought it me because I know any perfume is expensive and goes up each year. And don't get me wrong I do really like this one I just prefer others.

And last on the list is 2 very cheap perfumes that are still ok :). It's 2 from the britney spears collection. And it's the 2 oldest ones which makes them the cheapest. On the top we have fantasy, I'm sure at some point every one has had a smell of these and if you haven't I'm honestly very shocked. I haven't got these ones recently it was more my sisters perfume but I used it when I wanted to. It's a really nice perfume, and recoommend anyone to buy it, it's a smell that nearly everyone can tell what it is ( if they know haha ) it's a good cheap present for a young person just starting out in perfume. 

The one underneath is called curious. And this is my favourite one. I still have a new bottle now. It's sweet yet nice and fresh. It's a really nice smell. I also like the packaging, neither of these products look cheap. This is why I give them a thumbs up 

These 2 are the best value for money.coming in at £20 each for a big bottle. That would be a decent amount to spent on something as a present and not look cheap :). Thank you for reading. 

                                               Nicola xxx

Night cream

Does anyone use night creams? I do certain things at night, take my make up off,use a toner, and moisturise of some sort. Some times I use a tea tree toner type thing for blackheads but not every night because it's very strong and hurts my eyes because of the smell. I have started using wrinkle creams( silly I know at my age ) but I worry and I think if your going to start, start young before they creep up on you. I use the garnier night cream. In a red pot. It is the ultra lift collection. I simply just use it as I normally would, as I use a similar one in the morning. I also have a lot of random products from Avon like under eye and above eye creams ect and to be honest the more I use them the more I feel a fool. Do they work? Someone help me understand if they do! 
Short post today but I wondered If anyone could enlighten me :) 
                                            Nicola xxx

Safe sun!

Another day brings more adventures. I wish this was true, because I have a boring life, my life consists of cleaning 24/7  it feels that way anyway, hospital appointments/operations and being bored. The sun just happens to be around while I'm doing those things. If anyone is like me, be safe in the sun. Peeling and burning isn't healthy. I know because I suffer very bad, and it makes me hate the sun, I burn and then peel and then it all starts again and that can't be good for your skin, some people are safe and they don't ever burn but If you do put sun cream even if its just a low factor on your most likely places to burn, don't worry you should normally tan, I do anyway, but just because your young and you want to look good. We will all get old and then we will regret it :) just a little advice today for pale people living in the uk at the moment :). Also aloe Vera after sun soothes any sun burn :) have a good tanning time! 
                                           Nicola xxx

Saturday, 6 July 2013


I thought i'd talk about my hair care and coloring and stuff today. My hair is very boring, it just kind of sits there flat and lifeless. So i have to ' try ' to do something different with it, its hard to do but not much i can do about it. My hair naturally is very curly, but not nice curly. If i sleep with wet hair its like a mess, takes ages to brush and do anything with. Yet if i have time and let it dry naturally in the day with a bit of moose it looks ' ok 'still nothing amazing. 
             Naturally its a mousy blonde ish brown. Not a nice color i would like to have. It was beautiful as a kid, but i decided to ruin it by dying it and making it horrible. But as girls know once you have done it, you do it time and time again. I actually think i have been every possible hair color at some point, and i think for a 19 year old that's quite shocking to say. It also makes it obvious how bad the condition is. Recently I decided to try something i haven't before. ' OMBRE ' I like the look of it, but the honest reason is because i have a healing scar across the front of my head and because of this i cant dye over it. So i did it half and half. brown and then blonde ends. L'Oreal Wild Ombres 1 Light Brown to Dark BrownThis is the hair dye i used twice. And i really like the color it has turned out. its a coppery blonde, but i really do like it. This is one choice i don't regret doing ( for now anyway ) it's a good summer look and even up it looks quite funky because you can see different shades and tones. 
              as for shampoos i never ever stick to anything in particular. i like fruity scents ect. Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration 400mlI think this one stands out as an all time favorite. It helps my hair, makes it look soft, clean, fresh all with the wonderful smell. Everyone knows that ' Herbal Essences ' are known for their smells, but this is one is the best. It's cheap to buy, and everywhere you can get it. Superdrug, boots, savers even morrisons tescos asda etc. It's so easy to get your hands on this product! so no excuse's you have to try it out at some point, if you haven't already!
         At the moment i'm using a Toni and guy one, but i wont buy again, it doesn't do as much as it should. i think its just the label that makes it expensive and that's why people buy it. they think that because its expensive it will work better. but i totally disagree on this one. HERBAL ESSENCES win hands down. 
products to use every now and again to restore the freshness ect. 
i have a few of these, starting withVO5 Give Me Moisture Hot Oil 4x15mlthe vo5 hot oil is amazing, it really helps your ends. They feel like fake hair after because you can't believe its the same hair. this is a product that you should use all the time, other wise you wouldn't even notice the difference. Aussie 3 Min Miracle Take The Heat 250mlAussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy 250mlAussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor 250mlAUSSIE! I've spoke about these so many times, but there is a reason, because they are so good. any of these three, i have used and would use again. they seem a little pricey compared to others but its a product that if you use it sparingly then it doesn't seem as bad. i normally use it once a week or once every two weeks, because i don't think you should use a hair treatment all time, i personally just don't think it makes your hair perfect. 
                     Last thing i recommend using is heat defence. no matter what one it is if you are blow drying, curling or straightening your hair. any heat damages it so much so you must remember to use heat defence if you want it to look perfect. Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray 300mlThis is one i personally used but i have used others and they do just as good, i just like the smell of this.

i have told you about things i use to help or try to make my hair look good. i hope it helps everyone out there, if you need a little help on how to keep your hair in good condition. but one more thing, these are just what i use. but one rule is regularly get your hair cut before it gets out of control and just gets worse :)
Thank you 
                                                                                                                                                  Nicola xxx

A few nice goodies!

Hello everyone!
I am still alive just a very unorganized blogger compared to most. Everyone knows who i mean, the people who manage to post every day ( i think i'm just way to lazy for that ) and with the sun being out, who wants to sit in front of a computer talking about their boring life's? But anyway, that's what I do. And because of this amazing weather here in England. How amazing is it for once? I can't exactly say i have a beautiful tan, i wish i did but i don't :( I have decided i'm getting the fake tan out! I have been wearing high factor sun cream, and still getting burnt i'm just so pale that i step outside for 5 seconds and i'm like a lobster already.
                Lets get on with what you want to hear/read about! I have been shopping recently in superdrug, haven't been breaking the bank, because there wasn't many things that stood out to me but I have a few little goodies.
               first up I decided to finally buy some kind of product to use to remove make up etc. I have heard about so many, and don't worry I have a lot of plans to be trying different ones. L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution 200mlI finally remembered this time to buy this! I have wanted it for so long, but each time I go out I always forget! ( memory of a gold fish ) I  haven't been using it for long, but it makes my skin feel soft after i have used it. I actually got 2 bottles, because then if i forget I wont have to worry as much. it smells nice, and feels nice on my face. I use it night and morning and just simply put it onto a cotton pad and then use on my face. Perfect easy product.
            next is a hair product, another boring one i'm sure you've heard about ( obviously a boring post )
It's the TRESemme platinum strength range. TRESemmé Platinum Strength Masque 180mlI've always used the ' Aussie ' 3 minute miracle, since i can remember using this sort of product that's what I've used weather its been for color or dry ends. So i thought why not try something new? I heard lots of great things about it, and knew i would hear more and regret not buying it in the first place, so i did. The price is reasonable. To be honest i think its cheaper than the one i was using before. I'm not going to lie, I haven't used it yet. tonight i'm going to use it. If anyone recommends another one, from a drugstore or online. Let me know i would love to try new things for people :) I have no idea if it works as well as it says, but I normally assume they are all lying to actually sell the product. But hopefully it was a great purchase.
        now onto some boring things but I thought maybe some people would like to know what I got.

Superdrug Dry Shampoo Away With The Fairies 150mlSuperdrug Dry Shampoo Heart on Your Sleeve 150mleveryone loves dry shampoo, and the people that say they don't are lying! It's the best thing in the world, When your hair needs a bit of a lift to look fresh this is the perfect one, I had never had a dry shampoo that wasn't the ' batiste ' one because i just got used to getting it. But these ones were on promotion at £1.99 buy one get one free, to good an offer to turn down. So obviously these are the ones i got, mainly because they are girly packaging and colors.I used the purple one this morning. Smells fresh and summery and made my hair look nice, so maybe i'll end up stocking up on a lot while its cheap! i'm always doing it ( i end up with 10 of everything ) try them out though because they are cheaper.
         one last thing, TOOTHPASTE!
Colgate Max White One Active Toothpaste 75mlI have awful teeth always have, always will so i might as well try what i can to make them look a bit better if possible. This is our second tube and i really like it, you brush 3 times a day, and you can really see the difference pretty much within 2 days, it was on promotion ( everything seems to be ) so i thought lets get another one ( hoarding again ) it's really nice and was over half price. It hasn't got a horrible taste that some whiting toothpastes have. I think anyone who wants whiter teeth should at least try it, but shop around see where is cheapest! But if you hurry like i said its cheap at the moment in superdrug, and also on their website but i don't know how long for.

Thank you for reading :) i hope everyone has enjoyed it, i have a few good posts coming up this week ( well i like to think so )
                                                                                                                                                  Nicola xxx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Let me know please!!!

Everyone honestly you need to let me know what you want, I don't wanna be blabbering on about rubbish no one cares out. I was thinking about doing a soap and glory reviews 2, because I do have a lot more of their products I've tried so I want to let everyone know what I think. Just someone pretty please let me know. I'd love feedback, good or bad I don't mind. Just let me know what you think :) thank you everyone for reading! Every day more people view my blog and I'm so grateful to every last one!

                                                                                                                                                Nicola xxx

Eye shadow palets :)

Until recently I never wore eye shadow. And then I hate going out without it. Only if I'm wearing a full face of makeup. Obviously there are days when I only wear a bit of foundation. So it's not always an essential. I have a few palettes I never really bother with singles one, I think I'd lose them.this palett is by sleek, it's my faviorute one. I really like the colours, I'm not really one for bright colours so the natural ones are all I use. This one has matte colours, and glittery ones. I like that because it makes a bit of a change, the black is a bit dark but I just avoid that one. To buy In ' superdrug ' it is £7.99 but you might actually be able to buy it from somewhere online a little cheaper. It comes with a brush, I dont use it but others might like it. And a huge mirror, the mirror comes in handy at times. 

The next one in the mua heaven and earth palett. This one is great for the price! You get loads of neutral colours that blend well together and look good on any occasion. Day time or night time wear. There are some I use more than others, but I don't mind for the price. This one also came with a brush, but it's the same sort and I just can't get along with them very well. The only thing is unlike the sleek one you don't get the mirror. This one is £4 in superdrug, I know that mua are exclusive to superdrug, but I know they have an nine website where you can purchase online. This one is the ultimate collection also by mua, and look at it it has so many different colours. It's beautiful, obviously as I keep saying I like natural colours so I only use certain ones, but least I have them if I ever need them for some occasion. This one was £8 from superdrug, as you can see the same brush ( getting boring now ) with no mirror. But this one has some of my best eyeshadows I have ever used and I really do like this one.

Thank you for reading. Sorry I've been slaking recently I promise I'm doing my best to get back up to date.
                                                                                                                                                 Nicola xxx