Monday, 15 July 2013

Pamper time!

Everyone looks a hot bath with lots of beautifully fragranced bubbles! Perfect. We've been having bad problems with our water recently and had no hot water for 3 weeks! You can imagine what a nightmare, washing in cold water or using the kettle! I felt poor! And when we didn't do that we went to families houses to shower, that's even worse! Talk about embarrassing, but guess what!? Our landlord finally came up trumps and fixed our hot water today :) so right now I'm in the bath enjoying the boiling water against my skin, the face mask is on and like I said all the bubbles are surrounding me. The amazing bubble bath im using is ' strawberry sorbet ' from Avon. I have so much different ones! I love them all! And the face mask is also an Avon product, it's from their planet spa range, made with japanese sake and rice. How fancy! Just a little post today ( well the 2nd ) I'm going a little blog crazy recently :) don't mind me. Hope everyone has a good night! 
                                              Nicola xxx

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