Saturday, 13 July 2013

July empties!!!

Boring days. Everyone hates being bored! Me especially. ( not that I'm any different to anyone else ) and I wish I could say that I have lots of interesting things to talk about but I don't. But I've found a few empties so we will discuss them today, hust a load of bits and bobs, I've found around the house. A few make up a few random bathroom empties. I've never done an empties blog before but I thought why not start, give me something else to do! So we will start with bathroom, because they are least interesting compared to make up. I prefer them but personal opinions :). 
First up I thought we'd start with some hair bits! So of course I've spoke about this range and this scent before, so it was pretty obvious it was going to show up at some point! As you can see its herbal essences ' hello hydration' I will try not to bang on as I normally do. 
       It's my favourite drugstore shampoo/conditionerI love it so much! Not only does it make my hair look great it's the scent and the way I can smell it as I'm styling my hair! Love love love, repurchase has already been done. Another hair product, Shampoo! 

As you see it's from Avon! ' damage repair' I totally disagree weather it's just me that doesn't like it I don't know. Fair enough it cleaned my hair but apart from that didnt do anything! It was on offer that's the only reason I bought it, but hugely was disappointed. Not buying again! You can get way better shampoo at the same price. 

Another hair product! I've been using them all up this month!, it's the vo5 ' give me texture collection' I liked this conditioner. It didn't really give me texture but I don't really need it on my hair, but I like the product it's self, the packaging, the price, and also the smell. I like shampoos and conditioners to have a certain smell. And this definitely did. I can't explain the smell, it's the average vo5 smell, but I really like it, I will more than likely repurchase but not straight away. 
Finally I have a bathroom product that isn't hair related! It's shower gel! 
And it's not just shower gel, but the best smell one I've ever used. I LOVE the pink grapefruit collection at the ' body shop ' it smells so nice, I would buy anything of this scent! I have the perfume and it's the best one I have! I just enjoy this so much! Sadly I've ran out :( and don't live close to a shop. But when I get chance I will repurchase! I have the strawberry one to finish first, and them maybe :) maybe get through some more and I will ( have too many stocked up ) love love
Love it! 
        Going onto a few make up bits! 
Starting of with foundation. And I'm sure everyone recognises it because every blogger has talk about this at some point. ' rimmel wake me up ' this foundation is the one I reach to every day. It's perfect for my skin tone, I always have to use a powder on top but I normally use one by choice anyway. But I love this, the shade I use is ' ivory ' or ' true ivory' it's the glass bottle which makes it look more expensive but is a nightmare to use up the last bit. I have loads of these and will re purchases time and time again until I find another saviour. Roughly 7 ish pound, I bought mine for just under 5, from savers! So if your in the uk, check savers if they have any. Cause it's cheaper. 
Avon product again! This one is an eye brow pencil, ' brow definer' the colour I use is blonde, I used to use this every day, because I do really like it, but since then I've found a better alternative. I started using a perfect coloured eye shadow, this product is £6 but quite often it is on promotion at just £3. The down side is it doesn't last long, which is very annoying. I maybe will re purchase but I'm not 100% sure. 
Thank you for reading! If anyone does seem to follow me I'm sorry for it being so long, but I didn't want it to be top short so I had to wait a bit until I finished a few more things :) 
                                               Nicola xxx

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