Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Safe sun!

Another day brings more adventures. I wish this was true, because I have a boring life, my life consists of cleaning 24/7  it feels that way anyway, hospital appointments/operations and being bored. The sun just happens to be around while I'm doing those things. If anyone is like me, be safe in the sun. Peeling and burning isn't healthy. I know because I suffer very bad, and it makes me hate the sun, I burn and then peel and then it all starts again and that can't be good for your skin, some people are safe and they don't ever burn but If you do put sun cream even if its just a low factor on your most likely places to burn, don't worry you should normally tan, I do anyway, but just because your young and you want to look good. We will all get old and then we will regret it :) just a little advice today for pale people living in the uk at the moment :). Also aloe Vera after sun soothes any sun burn :) have a good tanning time! 
                                           Nicola xxx

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