Friday, 12 July 2013

Our beautiful baby

Today is a different post and I think tomorrow will be a homely blog. If everyone is ok with that :). Ive been shopping today for decorations and such for my bathroom because it was dull and depressing so I wanted a bit of change. Enough about that and onto my beautiful baby! My husky puppy! Ive got some pictures below of him and his growing up so far. He's 8 months old and a beauty! 
         Jasper is a winner because he does us proud. He had his first real outing a few months ago to a little dog show. Where he won! He won best looking big male, and over all male. And then best in show! He's just beautiful. He entered a free competition that day for a Callander which he then won. Which means hell be in a calander! He's my first ever dog, so he's extra special, he's funny active an cheeky. If anyone is thinking of getting a husky, they are wonderful pets, they need a lot of time attention and exercise but they are so worth it. So a bit different today but I hope everyone enjoys anyway! 
Thank you for reading about my beautiful baby! Love you jas! 
                                           Nicola xxx

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