Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Night cream

Does anyone use night creams? I do certain things at night, take my make up off,use a toner, and moisturise of some sort. Some times I use a tea tree toner type thing for blackheads but not every night because it's very strong and hurts my eyes because of the smell. I have started using wrinkle creams( silly I know at my age ) but I worry and I think if your going to start, start young before they creep up on you. I use the garnier night cream. In a red pot. It is the ultra lift collection. I simply just use it as I normally would, as I use a similar one in the morning. I also have a lot of random products from Avon like under eye and above eye creams ect and to be honest the more I use them the more I feel a fool. Do they work? Someone help me understand if they do! 
Short post today but I wondered If anyone could enlighten me :) 
                                            Nicola xxx

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