Monday, 17 November 2014

Time for advent!

Christmas is the season to be jolly! 
Some people dislike Christmas, and I say ' bah humbug' how people can hate on the best time of the year Is a mystery to me; the films, the adverts on tv that truly makes you smile, the presents food and most of all spending time with family. 
       Another good thing about Christmas is ADVENT CALENDARS!!! And now a days it's not just chocolate you can get every day; beauty lovers will know exactly what I'm talking about. Lots of beauty goodies. 
I have found a few on the internet to share with you all. One of which I own and will be sharing with everyone throughout December. 
      First up I'm going to talk about the most popular one that seems to be impossible to get your hands on ' benefit ' calendar, it retails for £60. It contains minis of the popular products. But like I said it's hard to get hold off and is already sold out sadly but i thought id mention it because it's the one I really wanted, and so you know it sells quickly for next year! 

     The body shop and boots also sell a version of their own calendar containing some of their best selling products, they both sell for around £50, I am also unsure weather they are still available, but I'm sure if you really wanted it, you might be able to get your hands on it with a bit of looking. 
      Ciate nail polish calendar is the one I own, and am so excited about opening it every day even though you know what the calendar contains but there is a picture of all the contents on the back of the box. 
       There are different versions of this calendar available as in a local store I bought mine, which is a version that is different to the one for sale online, they are on sale for £49. Like I mentioned at the start you will see all of them as I open every day :) 

If any of you have any calendars, enjoy the contents and treat yourself this Christmas! 

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