Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sorry everyone!


Hey everyone. I'm sorry for last night :( I promised a post but I fell asleep because I was I pain! Sorry. I will make it up to you and do 3 wonderful posts today! ( well ill try ) this post will be all about concearlers that I like and don't. 
      I have 2 from collection 2000. The most obvious one that everyone goes on about blah blah blah. It's the last perfection. This one is the best one I've personally used. It's about £4.99 on average in the uk. Obviously I'm not sure about everywhere else. the only thing is the writing doesn't last, within a week my bottle is plain. 
The next one is the other one from this brand. I quite like this one you have to twist it and the product comes out of the Brissell bit at the top. This one is also the same price. 
 I have a few others the superstay 24hr from maybelline. It's ok but I wouldn't buy again. It does not last 24hr not that any do but they shouldn't promote something not true. 
The picture underneath is all in one from the body shop. It's £8 ish and not very good I wouldn't reccommend it. And I won be buyin it again 


Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hat Wednesday's, it's the middle of the week ( as such ) this week has really dragged. I'm always stuck at home and it doing my head in!!! I don't work due to an illness but I can't wait to be on the mend and get back out there, I've felt horrible all day today. My back has been hurting me for a few days but last night was really bad. Maybe I'll sleep with a pillow underneath me tonight, hopefully that'll help. I've cleaned watched a film slept and now I feel a little better. I hate staying in, I woke up this morning wanting to go for a walk but I just couldn't do it. How's everyone's weeks going so far? Tonight's post will be just as I promised, let me know if you wanna see pictures or not? I really don't mind so let me know :)<3 love everyone for reading. 
                                             Nicola xxx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I'm going to talk about a few drugstore foundations that i really like, and some that i dislike. Idont own to many so dont worry it wont be a long post today.
        I'm sure some of you have heard alot of bloggers talk about ' wake me up ' from rimmel. This is my all time favioute. for chrsitmas i got 3 bottles and i already owned 2 so i have a lot stocking up. Its really good, and does cover up most of my flaws. It helps me look a bit more alive in a morning, but on ' lazy days ' I try to avoid wearing any facial products to let my skin breathe as i always suffer with spots. I know you can buy it cheap from ' wilkos' and ' savers ' I dont know weather countries abroad have these shops or the prices in euros etc but i love it and keep repurchasing and until i find another great one im sure i still will.
      Next up is a bad foundation its one from the body shop and with them being quite pricy for a drugstore type shop the results were very bad. I brought it because i wanted to try it and i thought the ingredients would be better in it. It's also a darker shade than i normally use so i thought i would use it when fake tanning. but its horrible, It makes my skin look cakey and dry. I have never had dry skin as i have always suffered with very oily skin. I would not purchase it again, but i'd love to know if anyone else had tried it and with a different skin type it worked better.
      ' dream matte mousse ' at the time when this came out everyone raved about it, its all i would use. I used the mousse but it started to dry my nose out a bit and clung to every imperfection. So when they bought out the satin liquid I was really excited. I do really like this foundation and have found myself buying it many times when its been on promotions. I would probably buy it again, but nothing competes with the wake me up. I highly recommend it to everyone. 

Tomorrows post will be all about concealers, I'm going to try to do a post a day about different make up products and ones i like, and ones i dont. If there is a certain product you want me to talk about just ask :) 
thank you
                                                                                                                                                  nicola xxx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ghds baby!

I could not live without these bad boys!  I love my ghds and I can't actually remember live without them! But I can tell from old photos that my hair was a
Mess! I know they are quite expensive, at about £100 on average. But they are deffo worth it! Everyone I know has a pair and I don't blame them! Everyone needs to check out a pair and save your money, that's what I did :) 
                                               Nicola xxx

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fake tanning :)

Today I'm going to speak about some fake tanI have used in the past, recently or am using now. 
      I really want to try st tropez but just haven't yet. Let me know If anyone has tried it. And what shall I buy? 
     At the moment I'm using, fake bake I have 3 different products, the fake bake flawless, the fake bake 60 seconds and the fake bake airbrush spray. I haven't tried the spray, but the other 2 are very good. I also have a few other fake bake products for example the 
Oil free moisturiser 
Skin smoothie oil
Body polish 
Here are some gradual tanners that I've used. 
Palmers cocoa butter, natural bronze, really like this, love the smell, does the job well
Dove summer glow, also good. Just in small packaging 
Johnsons holiday skin, hate it! Would never use it again after just one day I was bright orange, it was horrible would never re buy even if they changed the formula. 
Thanks for reading! 
                                             Nicola xxx

Friday, 21 June 2013

Randoms things!

I'm going through my bathroom for this blog. I thought I'd take a few pictures and talk about my most loved things in my bathroom. Obviously there will be some boring things! ( but I don't have an exciting life and these things excite me )  
Toothbrush and toothpaste - I did warn things would be boring. But I love my electric toothbrush, and this toothpaste is just the best thing ever! 
Face washes - I'm constantly trying all sort because my skin is so bad but as of yet I haven't found anything that actually does the trick, I think these are slowly but only time will tell. 
Shower gels! - yes I'm a horder of some things as you will see! 

Whoops way to many body butters! It's official I need to stop buying! 
                                              Nicola xxx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nails nails nails!

Nails are the one thing that all my spare money goes on! I love doing my own nails but haven't had the confidence yet to do anyone else's. Maybe when mine get a little better! Today I've been trying out a nail design. Minnie mouse nails I have a few pictures going through different stages. 
There is normal acrylic nails to start of with, before the filing and top coat. 
The next stage where they are painted red with a trim underneath. 
Adding the dots. 
And the final stages adding the bows.  
                                              Nicola xxx

Make up!

I just want to start by saying thank you to all you people who read my blog, it's amazing and the more views I get the more excited I get! I check it every morning and I'm so grateful. 
        I just ask some of you should comment below to tell me what sort of stuff you want to see, I only want to talk about things that interest you! 
       I thought I'd talk about 10 make up bits I couldn't live without. They are all from super drug or boots, and I wouldn't say any of them were over pricey. 
      To start of with I have to speak about foundation, and I'm sure so many people have heard bloggers/bloggers rave about it. It is the 'rimmel wake me up' it's wonderful and I know certain places you can get it for about £4.99. I don't know weather or not they sell it in different countries but if they do you'll have to let me know! I really do like it because it brightens up your skin when your feeling dull. Everyone should try that out! 
        Next up on the same sort of lines we will stick with concelar, as your reading this I'm wondering if anyone already knows because literally everyone! Talks about this. It is the ' collection 2000  lasting perfection' this is also about £4-£5 I use around my eyes and my chin area where I get spots. 
      Onto cheeks. I had never really found a blusher until recently that I would of asked spoke about. I bought a few ' sleek ' products but my favourite is the blusher in ' Sahara' it's an orangey tone that suits me. That was also about £4.99. 
      Eyes! My eye make up is the most important bit to me. When I was younger I wouldn't go out the house with a fullest of eyelashes full mascara eyeliner. I'm not to bad now. We will start on eyeshadow, I don't really have one colour that I always use, I just use my big ' Mua pallette' it was £8 but has 24 different colours. 
        Eyeliners, I have a few that I really do like, gel pencil liner I have 2 that I switch and change, the rimmel scandals eyes one and Avon super shock. I like both of them some times they are on offer but can be a little pricy. 
        Other eyeliners I use the 'Mua' eyeliner in black that is  £1 it's cheap and does the job, it doesn't last all day but I don't mind for that cheap. 
      Mascara, I have loads but I would have to say my favourite at the moment is the falsies one. It's bright packing attracted me, but it really helps on my rubbish lashes. 
     Nearly at the end so onto lip products, I have 2 boring ones that I like. The soap and glory sexy mother pucker, I like the way it feels but don't mind the colour. And a Avon lip plumping one in clear. 
 I know it's been a long post but thanks for reading, let me know what you want! 
                                           Nicola xxx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

yankee candles!

Surely everyone knows about the famous ' Yankee Candle ' they are beautifully scented and with such a big range everyone can find one they like. they are quite pricy for the biggest glass jar they do, but there are a few smaller ones that can satisfy you without breaking the bank. I only recently purchased some. We bought 3 small ones, in ' black cherry ' strawberry ' and ' strawberry buttercream ' black cherry is beautiful out out all 3 its definitely my favourite  its sweet but not to sweet that its sickly the other 2 are nice but nothing amazing.
              We went into town yesterday and noticed there was 25% off all yankee candles so we bought another 2. this time we bought the lar glass tumblers. they are recommend to last 35-40 hours, but i will have to let you know about that at a later date. 
             My partner picked ' waikiki melon ' and i picked ' pink dragon fruit ' we obviously like the sweet smells. I'm sure after christmas we will have a lot more of these, as i think we will end up asking everyone for one. They are just beautiful, we have always used scented candles, but its official these are the best! There are pictures below of the two we bought. but i recommend anyone trying them, even just the cheap little ones, because they smell just as good, but obviously the scent doesn't go around a large room. I think it would cost a fortune to own everyone single one. but i will let you know when we next decide to purchase some more!
thank you 
                                                                                                                                                 nicola xxx

Monday, 17 June 2013

It's a new day!

A new day means new things. Yesterday was fathers day so happy fathers day to everyone. Me and my partner went round to his families house to celebrate. My dad isn't around so it was nice to do something on the day for once. 
     But today is a new day, and for my family it's a sad one, it's 14 years since my mum was suddenly taken from us at just the age of 30. I wont go into detail but it was a horrible time, and it was so unexpected that it's always left a gap. Obviously a bigger gap for me and my
Older sister but we had to grow up with no parents, our grandparents did a very good job of bringing us up, but they both had stressful life's and are no longer with us. So I'm writing this post today for everyone to take a moment for all the people we have all lost in our life's <3 
                                              Nicola xxx

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The voice!

Hey Everyone a bit of a different post today. To be honest I'm saving my good post for tomorrow. So seeing as in the uk at the moment there is a competition on bbc one. And I love it! The world stops in our house and we glue to the the tv. 
          Because of this I want to put out my YouTube channel with a few videos of me singing. Tbh singing has always been a big part of my life. And it kind of annoys me because I've become detached to it. I always said I don't want to sing in my future. But the more I think about it, I miss it. Singing makes me happy, it makes me think of the family I have lost. Mostly my grandma because she was always the one that pushed me. She believed it me. Sadly she passed away last October. She was my hero. And I haven't really sung properly since. I think I might have to change this some time soon. 
Sorry that this is a different post today, but please check out my YouTube and let me know what you think. 
Or just check out Nicola Eyres :) 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Friday Friday.

I'm afraid today isn't a very exiting day. I haven't really done much, bought a few random house hold things. Including a huge bear for my dog. There's a few pictures below of the bear and one of my cats but I'll also put a picture of my puppy so you can see how beautiful he is! Today has been a good sort out and a good cleaning day. We have a guest staying with us tonight, so it's been making the house look lovely and presentable and changing sheets to make it all fresh again. Nothing beats fresh sheets on your bed! Hope you've all had a good day. Where I live the wether has been a bit hit and miss. Sunny, cold, windy and now a bit of rain. You never know with England! Have a good day everyone <3 
Nicola xxx 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Random things!

I love buying random things and being really impressed with them. It's the little cheap things that excite me the most :), 
Especially when it comes to chocolate I get happy, ( addicted ), I found this chocolate spread and thought I just had to buy it! WHITE CHOCOLATE! How amazing and perfect. £1.52 how can you complain! 
Me and my partner also love candles so when I was out today He asked me to pick a few little ones. I found these small Yankee candles, which we've never had before so I thought id just buy 3 little ones to see if we liked them and then could invest in bigger ones. They were £1.70 each so I bought 3. 
- strawberry buttercream 
- sicilian lemon
- black cherry
Perfect night in <3


We have all heard of 'Aussie ' the great smelling hair products. But we all know they have a price tag, not to expensive but personally more than I want to pay for shampoos etc. But when I went out today I went into a shop called ' savers' people in great Britain will know what it is. It's like superdrug but without the makeup and cheaper. I bought some boring mouthwash from oral b for £1, and then I found this. I love it the smell the way it makes my hair feel and it was very cheap! £2.99 for a hair treatment I think is a great price to pay. And I'm very happy I randomly went in there today :) happy Nicola! 
                                              Nicola xxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Finally a new hair cut!

This day should of come a lot sooner. But my life has been so hectic this year that my hair just didn't matter until recently. In January I had a brain operation and I had quite a bit part at the front shaved off ( it only matters because I loved my fringe ) so I've had to kind of manage ect without an actual fringe and I have to have another operation so I won't be having one any time soon. But to start with I was so embarrassed that I put of the hair dresses for so long, and now
I'm braving it!  Before it was horrible I loved the length but not the condition. It was dead and straggly and not very nice at all. It more than likely made my confidence worse, but I've had an inch off and I'm feeling loads better about it! 
                                             Nicola xxx


I'm reviewing the products I bought yesterday, well some of them anyway. I used my Toni and guy shampoo and conditioner last night and I love it. It was a bit of a nightmare. The bottle was confusing as it had a pump that you had to twist ( but I'm not very good when it comes to common sense) eventually I managed to open it and I loved it. It had a smell but it wasn't exactly distinctive, it was a good product though my hair feels really soft today and I'm glad I bought them! I will be using the salt spray another time as today I'm not going anywhere exciting so I'm leaving it natural today. 
                                                Nicola xxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

What do you want?

Hey everyone, is there any products you guys would like me to try? Or anything you want to ask see if I've tried any of certain things before? Or what sort of blogs you'd like to read. I don't mind talking about anything! Family life, personal etc I'm open for anything
Just comment below what
You'd like. Your the people that read it do you let me know :D 
But thanks for everyone that's read my blog so far. I love you all so much! <3 
                                           Nicola xxx

Shopping spree part 2!

Next up we have nail products :). We have 5 Rimmel nail polishes. I've always been bad when it comes to varnish because I have so many! Like 50! But I just keep adding to the collection. But when I found ' fragrance direct ' I went even worse and keep buying! Woops. Hope you like the colours. 

They are all the 60 second range which I love! From left to right, we have 
-430 coralicious 
-605 purple reign 
-460 limealicious 
-415 Instyle coral 
-270 shocker 

                                             Nicola xxx

Shopping spree!

I'm so excited about this blog post! I have loads of fun and exciting products to share with you. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow If you can wait that long for me to review them :D. Starting up I've bought loads of hair things :). How exciting is this picture, I have 5 beautiful looking things to share. Starting at the top ( as I know the picture is the wrong way round ) please forgive me xD I have ' Schwarzkopf professional silhouette ' it's meant to be colour brilliance hairspray with super hold. But my god it's massive! I bought it online and didn't expect to be that size. What a nice surprise! The next things I'm extremely excited Like a kid at Christmas. Is the ' Toni and guy moisture injection' shampoo and conditioner. They look so beautiful! And my hair is so dull and boring so I hope it boosts it a bit. Next up! ' Toni and guy casual range ' I got the flexible hold hairspray and the sea salt spray. Which I'm so happy I finally bought. I've wanted to try it for so long. I hope I like the results as I've heard so much about it :). We all know these things are pricy but I have a secret for some of them. 'fragrance direct' is the best website I've ever been on its really cheap so check it out :) 
                                               Nicola xxx

Sunday, 2 June 2013


I thought it would be good yesterday to fake tan as I am VERY pale and I must look like I never go out I'm that white. So I thought is take out my fake bake bottle and have a go :D. 
       Yet today I've been outside more of the day with my partner and our neighbours ; and it wasn't until I came in the house I realised I have been badly burnt, so now my arms go from brown to red to white where I have white strap marks! Which I hate so much :(, hope everyone was safe in the sun ( but caught a tan ) rather than burnt because I'm feeling it now. My skin is on fire :(! Enjoy the weather guys. For once it's beautiful for England 
                                              Nicola xxx


Morning everyone. The weather is beautiful on this lovely Sunday morning. Can tell its June now. Fingers crossed for everyone it stays like this!
         Today I'm going to do a little nail varnish collection blog, I've got a few pictures of my favourite ones. This also won't be the first nail blog I ever do. It's the one thing that whenever I can I will buy more and more. And I've read a lot about certain brands that I've never tried so that's my next aim!
         The first brand I want to talk about it Avon.... It makes me sound quite old that I buy Avon but if I'm honest I do like some products and I also buy it to help my sister out with her commission. This is the brand that I'm always buying, I have loads, and more still to come! I'm really struggling to add The text underneath the photos... I'm not very good at this. But as you can see I have 2 photos up, my Rimmel vanishes so far,and Avon speedry. Both of witch I have already started to order more of. 
I really do love my Avon ones and have been for a long time, but recently I started trying out Rimmel, and I have really fallen in love with them! The brush is a great shape and alows you to hardly have to use much on your brush. As you can see underneath most of them are the ' I heart ' and I have one 60 seconds. 
The colours I have are - from left to right.
Orange your life, double decker red, pop your pink, oh boy your so fine, strawberry fizz, black cab and disco ball. 
The Avon speedry is great because it's handy when you are getting ready you can quickly paint your nails without having to wait drying time. The colours are -
Ballerina, red wine, and 2x strawberry ( because it's my favourite. My collection is a lot bigger than this and it includes a lot of random vanishes from different companies on there own. If anyone wants to see my nail kit an vanish let me know and I will do a post including everything. Thank you.
                                              Nicola xxx

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Life update people!

Hey everyone that reads my blog :), want to let everyone know that I'll be putting a YouTube video up over this weekend. I've been really busy recently due to many hospital appointments was very ill at the start of the start and had to have a brain operation witch has left me with a silly looking fringe and it has really knocked my confidence. But I promise I'll start to get onto it now a lot more as it is something I really enjoy. Thank you to everyone to that has read my blog so far. I thank you all very much! Going to do a blog later on today with a few nail varnish I recommend my collection just keeps getting bigger an bigger ( need to stop buying haha ) but thank you all very much.
                                                                                                             Nicola xxx