Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sorry everyone!


Hey everyone. I'm sorry for last night :( I promised a post but I fell asleep because I was I pain! Sorry. I will make it up to you and do 3 wonderful posts today! ( well ill try ) this post will be all about concearlers that I like and don't. 
      I have 2 from collection 2000. The most obvious one that everyone goes on about blah blah blah. It's the last perfection. This one is the best one I've personally used. It's about £4.99 on average in the uk. Obviously I'm not sure about everywhere else. the only thing is the writing doesn't last, within a week my bottle is plain. 
The next one is the other one from this brand. I quite like this one you have to twist it and the product comes out of the Brissell bit at the top. This one is also the same price. 
 I have a few others the superstay 24hr from maybelline. It's ok but I wouldn't buy again. It does not last 24hr not that any do but they shouldn't promote something not true. 
The picture underneath is all in one from the body shop. It's £8 ish and not very good I wouldn't reccommend it. And I won be buyin it again 


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