Monday, 10 June 2013

Shopping spree!

I'm so excited about this blog post! I have loads of fun and exciting products to share with you. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow If you can wait that long for me to review them :D. Starting up I've bought loads of hair things :). How exciting is this picture, I have 5 beautiful looking things to share. Starting at the top ( as I know the picture is the wrong way round ) please forgive me xD I have ' Schwarzkopf professional silhouette ' it's meant to be colour brilliance hairspray with super hold. But my god it's massive! I bought it online and didn't expect to be that size. What a nice surprise! The next things I'm extremely excited Like a kid at Christmas. Is the ' Toni and guy moisture injection' shampoo and conditioner. They look so beautiful! And my hair is so dull and boring so I hope it boosts it a bit. Next up! ' Toni and guy casual range ' I got the flexible hold hairspray and the sea salt spray. Which I'm so happy I finally bought. I've wanted to try it for so long. I hope I like the results as I've heard so much about it :). We all know these things are pricy but I have a secret for some of them. 'fragrance direct' is the best website I've ever been on its really cheap so check it out :) 
                                               Nicola xxx

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