Wednesday, 19 June 2013

yankee candles!

Surely everyone knows about the famous ' Yankee Candle ' they are beautifully scented and with such a big range everyone can find one they like. they are quite pricy for the biggest glass jar they do, but there are a few smaller ones that can satisfy you without breaking the bank. I only recently purchased some. We bought 3 small ones, in ' black cherry ' strawberry ' and ' strawberry buttercream ' black cherry is beautiful out out all 3 its definitely my favourite  its sweet but not to sweet that its sickly the other 2 are nice but nothing amazing.
              We went into town yesterday and noticed there was 25% off all yankee candles so we bought another 2. this time we bought the lar glass tumblers. they are recommend to last 35-40 hours, but i will have to let you know about that at a later date. 
             My partner picked ' waikiki melon ' and i picked ' pink dragon fruit ' we obviously like the sweet smells. I'm sure after christmas we will have a lot more of these, as i think we will end up asking everyone for one. They are just beautiful, we have always used scented candles, but its official these are the best! There are pictures below of the two we bought. but i recommend anyone trying them, even just the cheap little ones, because they smell just as good, but obviously the scent doesn't go around a large room. I think it would cost a fortune to own everyone single one. but i will let you know when we next decide to purchase some more!
thank you 
                                                                                                                                                 nicola xxx

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