Sunday, 2 June 2013


Morning everyone. The weather is beautiful on this lovely Sunday morning. Can tell its June now. Fingers crossed for everyone it stays like this!
         Today I'm going to do a little nail varnish collection blog, I've got a few pictures of my favourite ones. This also won't be the first nail blog I ever do. It's the one thing that whenever I can I will buy more and more. And I've read a lot about certain brands that I've never tried so that's my next aim!
         The first brand I want to talk about it Avon.... It makes me sound quite old that I buy Avon but if I'm honest I do like some products and I also buy it to help my sister out with her commission. This is the brand that I'm always buying, I have loads, and more still to come! I'm really struggling to add The text underneath the photos... I'm not very good at this. But as you can see I have 2 photos up, my Rimmel vanishes so far,and Avon speedry. Both of witch I have already started to order more of. 
I really do love my Avon ones and have been for a long time, but recently I started trying out Rimmel, and I have really fallen in love with them! The brush is a great shape and alows you to hardly have to use much on your brush. As you can see underneath most of them are the ' I heart ' and I have one 60 seconds. 
The colours I have are - from left to right.
Orange your life, double decker red, pop your pink, oh boy your so fine, strawberry fizz, black cab and disco ball. 
The Avon speedry is great because it's handy when you are getting ready you can quickly paint your nails without having to wait drying time. The colours are -
Ballerina, red wine, and 2x strawberry ( because it's my favourite. My collection is a lot bigger than this and it includes a lot of random vanishes from different companies on there own. If anyone wants to see my nail kit an vanish let me know and I will do a post including everything. Thank you.
                                              Nicola xxx


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  2. Hey! Thanks for your comment. It means a lot, would you like me to do a more in depth one with different nail things I have? Or any other blog/brand let me know x