Thursday, 20 June 2013

Make up!

I just want to start by saying thank you to all you people who read my blog, it's amazing and the more views I get the more excited I get! I check it every morning and I'm so grateful. 
        I just ask some of you should comment below to tell me what sort of stuff you want to see, I only want to talk about things that interest you! 
       I thought I'd talk about 10 make up bits I couldn't live without. They are all from super drug or boots, and I wouldn't say any of them were over pricey. 
      To start of with I have to speak about foundation, and I'm sure so many people have heard bloggers/bloggers rave about it. It is the 'rimmel wake me up' it's wonderful and I know certain places you can get it for about £4.99. I don't know weather or not they sell it in different countries but if they do you'll have to let me know! I really do like it because it brightens up your skin when your feeling dull. Everyone should try that out! 
        Next up on the same sort of lines we will stick with concelar, as your reading this I'm wondering if anyone already knows because literally everyone! Talks about this. It is the ' collection 2000  lasting perfection' this is also about £4-£5 I use around my eyes and my chin area where I get spots. 
      Onto cheeks. I had never really found a blusher until recently that I would of asked spoke about. I bought a few ' sleek ' products but my favourite is the blusher in ' Sahara' it's an orangey tone that suits me. That was also about £4.99. 
      Eyes! My eye make up is the most important bit to me. When I was younger I wouldn't go out the house with a fullest of eyelashes full mascara eyeliner. I'm not to bad now. We will start on eyeshadow, I don't really have one colour that I always use, I just use my big ' Mua pallette' it was £8 but has 24 different colours. 
        Eyeliners, I have a few that I really do like, gel pencil liner I have 2 that I switch and change, the rimmel scandals eyes one and Avon super shock. I like both of them some times they are on offer but can be a little pricy. 
        Other eyeliners I use the 'Mua' eyeliner in black that is  £1 it's cheap and does the job, it doesn't last all day but I don't mind for that cheap. 
      Mascara, I have loads but I would have to say my favourite at the moment is the falsies one. It's bright packing attracted me, but it really helps on my rubbish lashes. 
     Nearly at the end so onto lip products, I have 2 boring ones that I like. The soap and glory sexy mother pucker, I like the way it feels but don't mind the colour. And a Avon lip plumping one in clear. 
 I know it's been a long post but thanks for reading, let me know what you want! 
                                           Nicola xxx

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