Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fake tanning :)

Today I'm going to speak about some fake tanI have used in the past, recently or am using now. 
      I really want to try st tropez but just haven't yet. Let me know If anyone has tried it. And what shall I buy? 
     At the moment I'm using, fake bake I have 3 different products, the fake bake flawless, the fake bake 60 seconds and the fake bake airbrush spray. I haven't tried the spray, but the other 2 are very good. I also have a few other fake bake products for example the 
Oil free moisturiser 
Skin smoothie oil
Body polish 
Here are some gradual tanners that I've used. 
Palmers cocoa butter, natural bronze, really like this, love the smell, does the job well
Dove summer glow, also good. Just in small packaging 
Johnsons holiday skin, hate it! Would never use it again after just one day I was bright orange, it was horrible would never re buy even if they changed the formula. 
Thanks for reading! 
                                             Nicola xxx

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