Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hat Wednesday's, it's the middle of the week ( as such ) this week has really dragged. I'm always stuck at home and it doing my head in!!! I don't work due to an illness but I can't wait to be on the mend and get back out there, I've felt horrible all day today. My back has been hurting me for a few days but last night was really bad. Maybe I'll sleep with a pillow underneath me tonight, hopefully that'll help. I've cleaned watched a film slept and now I feel a little better. I hate staying in, I woke up this morning wanting to go for a walk but I just couldn't do it. How's everyone's weeks going so far? Tonight's post will be just as I promised, let me know if you wanna see pictures or not? I really don't mind so let me know :)<3 love everyone for reading. 
                                             Nicola xxx

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