Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Finally a new hair cut!

This day should of come a lot sooner. But my life has been so hectic this year that my hair just didn't matter until recently. In January I had a brain operation and I had quite a bit part at the front shaved off ( it only matters because I loved my fringe ) so I've had to kind of manage ect without an actual fringe and I have to have another operation so I won't be having one any time soon. But to start with I was so embarrassed that I put of the hair dresses for so long, and now
I'm braving it!  Before it was horrible I loved the length but not the condition. It was dead and straggly and not very nice at all. It more than likely made my confidence worse, but I've had an inch off and I'm feeling loads better about it! 
                                             Nicola xxx

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