Monday, 1 July 2013

Eye shadow palets :)

Until recently I never wore eye shadow. And then I hate going out without it. Only if I'm wearing a full face of makeup. Obviously there are days when I only wear a bit of foundation. So it's not always an essential. I have a few palettes I never really bother with singles one, I think I'd lose them.this palett is by sleek, it's my faviorute one. I really like the colours, I'm not really one for bright colours so the natural ones are all I use. This one has matte colours, and glittery ones. I like that because it makes a bit of a change, the black is a bit dark but I just avoid that one. To buy In ' superdrug ' it is £7.99 but you might actually be able to buy it from somewhere online a little cheaper. It comes with a brush, I dont use it but others might like it. And a huge mirror, the mirror comes in handy at times. 

The next one in the mua heaven and earth palett. This one is great for the price! You get loads of neutral colours that blend well together and look good on any occasion. Day time or night time wear. There are some I use more than others, but I don't mind for the price. This one also came with a brush, but it's the same sort and I just can't get along with them very well. The only thing is unlike the sleek one you don't get the mirror. This one is £4 in superdrug, I know that mua are exclusive to superdrug, but I know they have an nine website where you can purchase online. This one is the ultimate collection also by mua, and look at it it has so many different colours. It's beautiful, obviously as I keep saying I like natural colours so I only use certain ones, but least I have them if I ever need them for some occasion. This one was £8 from superdrug, as you can see the same brush ( getting boring now ) with no mirror. But this one has some of my best eyeshadows I have ever used and I really do like this one.

Thank you for reading. Sorry I've been slaking recently I promise I'm doing my best to get back up to date.
                                                                                                                                                 Nicola xxx

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  1. For some reason the first picture I uploaded didn't work, the palett I'm talking about, is the sleek, au natural. Really sorry about that everyone!