Saturday, 13 July 2013

Crazy about nails

Update nail varnish, it's all about Avon this time! I have a few pictures to show you which ones im talking about today :) 
         First up Avon speedry, my all time favourite of course! 
I only 3 new ones :). The purple color is called ' pronto purple' 
The cream colour in the middle is called ' swift sherbet' 
And then the nice pale green is called ' turquoise pop' 
I like all 3 of these colours and have been using them recently. 
Next up! The mosaic effects- 
Obviously I only have 2 of these ones. They are both glitter and are very nice as crackle nail paints. 
The purple is called ' plum illusion' 
And the silver is called ' mosaic mica' 
Like I said I really like these for something different, a night out or special occasion they look great, but look loads better on longer nails. 
Nail wear pro, the ultimate Avon nail varnish their first collection so it's obviously the oldest. Sorry about the photo not being able to view easily. Some of these are quite oldish and one or two are newer. 
The copper colour, with slight glitter is ' lucky penny' 
The bright orange ( perfect for summer ) is called ' coral beat ' 
The next two are a bit older as you can tell and are both also glittery colours.
The blue is - spendid blue 
The pink is -pink radiance
I do love nail vanish! But I also a few treatments the one I'm going to show is 
As you can see its nail experts 24k gold strength I have always had weak nails that break and I really think this has been helping! Try it out! 
Thank you for reading! 
Love you all.
                                                Nicola xxx

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