Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag??

I wanted to share with you the state of my make up bag ( its awful! ) but mainly what is actually in it, most of it i don't actually need in there i just seem to always put it back in there if i put it away. Most of these things I've had for a while, there isn't really any new make up I've bought for a while. I seem to be on a huge skincare rave at the moment! 
Basically my make up bag is a wash bag, i just wanted a simple but big enough storage bag just for my general day to day make up ( there's a lot more then day to day! ) so i thought id just go for a black boring thing! 
Link here - http://www.superdrug.com/make-up/superdrug-cosmetic-bag/invt/220570&bklist= (£4.99)

I thought id just put the link because if your interested in a boring make up bag you can check it out but i thought there was no point to put a photo of mine up. Trust me it's not exciting at all! 
I'm not going to go into detail on things because we will be here forever.
But these are the products i roughly use every day, things just change depending on how i feel or where I'm going, but most of the time the looks are just the same. 
Blushers: -Sleek (Sahara), -Sleek (Rose Gold) 
Primers: Avon (eyeshadow primer) Benefit (porefessional) 
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay (Naked 2) Mua ( undressed)
Lips: Maybelline ( Baby lips - Cherry me )
Foundation: Rimmel ( Stay matte ) Collection ( Cover & Go )
Eyeliner: Avon( Glimmer stick-black) Collection(Fast Stroke)
Concealer: Mua( hide&conceal) Collection ( Lasting Perfection)
Powder: Mua (Pressed Powder) 
Mascara: Avon( Super shock)

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