Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Finally new mac brushes! :)

My mac brushes have arrived. And I'm so excited to use them. This post is going to be a little confusing. As I'm writing this I haven't used them yet just felt how soft the bad boys are! 
I'm going to do a first impressions and then a review all in one post so if you wonder why it's all over the place, then now you are warned! 
My first impressions 
Obviously as anyone who owns any of these brushes know, they are beautiful! I couldn't believe how soft they were, which you expect them to be because of the price, but you can't imagine how soft they are if you haven't felt them. What a great buy. I'm just hoping that I feel the same way after using them whilst getting ready!
I love my new brushes! It makes me regret not buying them before now, they are great. Soft on the skin, perfect shape And size. It means I can explore different things with my eyes, because I've always wanted to get into eye shadow but not been possible because I haven't had the right equipment, and I can explore different smokey eye effects etc. the face brushes are great because they don't fill the brush with so much product so that your face looks like you've slapped it on, I'm excited to show you guys what's possible with a good brush! 
Honestly if you was thinking about buying some, you should because they are great, and hopefully long lasting! 
Save up and treat yourself! 
Thanks for reading 
                                     Nicola xxx

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