Saturday, 5 March 2016

My First Zoella Product

At Christmas my partner bought me a new make up bag, after a lot of hints. I needed a new one as I was actually using a soap and glory bag that came with a gift set I received the christmas before. 
When Zoella first bought her range out, I knew I needed a new bag. I like all of them but the large size one would be perfect, I found this design the best. 
I love the bag as much as I thought I would. Its a perfect size, it holds everything I need. 
I think it's the cutest make up bag i've ever seen, let alone owned. The nice peach colour is on the lining of the bag. The outside of the bag is easy to wipe clean if you need to clean it. 
For £15 it's available in Superdrug stores. 

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