Friday, 4 March 2016


I thought I would do a post a little different, just for any mummy's out there or mum's to be. 
My son is almost 6 months old however we started him on solids at 4 months as advised by our health visitor. He took to solids very well, we never had a problem with him drinking milk he always finished everything. 
I'm going to discuss a few of the things we used in our house when starting my baby on weaning. 

We use 2 different types of spoons, we received munchkin spoons as a gift when our son was born, 
I really like these, they are brightly coloured and very soft. 
However we later bought some Tommee Tippee ones that i much prefer, 
The spoons are bigger which means they can hold more food. As you can see you get 5 in a pack. They also do a different version for 7 months and above however these ones are for 4 month olds, perfect for starting on solids. 
I know a lot of mothers blend food, this I thought was just too time consuming and I realised it would be cheaper to do feeding with the cow and gate jars. They have a wide range of meals and desserts that are pretty much all 10 for £5 which i think is great value, depending on where you buy them.
When we started, we gave our son half a jar of food, and half a jar of desert. Now my son is older he has a full jar at meal times. 
We have also moved onto different brands now, I think the hipp organic meals are great. 
I find these fruit pots are great as a dessert, most of the baby brands do different versions of these and I think they are all good. My baby doesn't complain. 

Weaning my son has been super easy, I think I have just been lucky because he will eat anything he is given. Everything I have mentioned I bought from my local supermarkets. 

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