Thursday, 11 April 2013



Until recently i had never even tried soap and glory, I heard about them a long time ago when they started doing sexy mother pucker lipgloss ; but never tried it as i always used ted baker brand. But now i would never go back! Soap and glory is pure amazing. If anyone hasn't used it yet, go and try it, its a little pricey but your getting the moneys worth. Or if your unsure they do tiny little bottles and pots for you to try first.
            You can buy it from either boots or online, im sure everyone can find it somewhere. 

This is a shower gel that comes in a big bottle as shown above, the smell is beautiful and you can tell you've just showered after using it, it makes your skin so soft. I got the big bottle just after christmas its  just turned April and i've not even used a quater and it gets used every day, you hardly have to use any and it just lathers up. Its amazing quantity for money. A HUGE RECOMMENDATION. 
Once again it has the original soap and glory wonderful smell. And its smoothness on your skin, its amazing i must have about 5 different pots of these because i love it so much. i have a few dry skin patches on my knees and this really helps to smooth them out. 
I know im not the only person that raves about this because i have read a lot of other reviews on this, i really suffer with oily some times dry and spot prone skin and this was literally a gift from god because it has help my complexion so much, i recommend this hugely if you have dry skin on your face. It's different because you can use it as a mask, or just a normal daily scrub. ]

i'm not lying when i say this is one of the best smells i have ever smelt! its refreshing first thing in a morning, and makes you want to wake up early to get your face washed. It doesn't just smell great its actually a great product to like all the soap and glory ones. it does its job just like you want it to, but leaves your face feeling really smooth after use, and thats what we all want?

Soap and glory also have another range called the 'SUGAR CRUSH'. The smell is beautiful its a lot different to the normal smell of soap and glory its fruity and different, I've only tried the body wash and scrub but they are perfect, If you get time just pop into a boots and have a look at the range they do, they also have a make up stand !
                                                                                                                                           Nicola xxx 

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