Monday, 15 April 2013

Mua makeup

Some people have heard of mua ( make up academy) and some haven't. Most people just hate the idea of using makeup that's so cheap, because they think it would be rubbish. I agree some of the products are rubbish, and some aren't. 
       For example the eyeshadows are really good. Single ones are £1 which is really cheap! And ok if you just want one colour inpaticular. But I prefer to go for the pallets as you get more for your money, they just aren't something you can fit into your average make up bag. There are so many different ones, some £4 some £8. Like for example there is a palett witch is called ' immaculate collection' which is £8, but it has an amazing 24 shades! From browns, blacks to blues and pinks. It's a really wide range of choice. It comes with a double sided brush inside it. 
     Some of the other products for example the primer, isn't the best I think primer is something you need to spend more money on to be effective, well at least in this case. 
      I haven't tried all the range of products because some just dont shout at to me, and wouldn't be something I would ever use. Apart from the kohl eyeliners, I only have used black because other bright colours wouldn't suit me. But for £1 they are great, they come with a sharpner In the lid so that's always handy. The eyeliner is really dark and goes on great but it won't last all day, it's something that will need topping up, but who can complain at £1? 
     Don't be afraid to be cheap, try it out! 
                                                                                     Nicola xxx

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