Monday, 29 April 2013

Body shop haul.

I really love body shop products and always have done, it's just the price that I don't agree with. There's certain things that I really don't mind paying more for like the original body butters. Pink grape fruit is my personal favourite  because of the smell, it's so perfect. 
      I recently bought quit a few things from the online store, because they had sent me a email regarding a promotion they had on recently, the first time I read it I thought nothing of it, and then I looked again. I realised if I spent £60 I got £30 free. I thought is this to good to be true? £60 worth of stuff for half the price, it was to good to not spend! 
      It was hard to decide what to buy because I got a lot of body scrubs and butters in sets for Christmas, so I didn't need to stock them up so I thought if try new products and see if they were anything to rave about. Some were great, some not so but I'm glad I bought them to try out. 
     Because I really like the scent of pink grapefruit they have started selling 30ml fragrances in certain smells. And when I saw they did my most loved scent  that went straight into my basket! 
     I bought a few makeup products, I got a tube of radiance highlighter, which I don't think is great but I've never used a highlight so maybe I'm using it wrong. I'm not sure. I also got a concealer which I do really like. Primer was the main thing I wanted and I'm glad I got some because it makes your skin feel like silk. 

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