Tuesday, 14 May 2013

25 facts about myself!

1. I love LOVE killer whales. I remember the first time I watched free willy I got obsessed. Every time I've gone abroad and seen one I feel like crying!! (sado!)
2. I cry over everything! Films soaps random music! I'm so soppy it's unreal. 
3. When I was at school I wanted to be an accountant like crazy! 
4. I've had near enough every hair colour possible! ( even green by accident ) wooops
5. Cider is my all time best alcoholic drink, including kopperberg. 
6. Im kinda addicted to energy drinks, any I can find.
7. Peanut butter and jam yum yum.
8. I only like toast when it's warm. I like it basically like bread. Ten seconds in the toaster is Greattttt! 
9. I have a great grandma who is 93 wooooo! 
10. I was never a dog person but now I have a puppy husky called jasper! I now love dogs. He's the cutest thig ever.
11. We have two kitty's called penny and sheldon( we was a little into the big bang theory) 
12. Random - necklaces don't suit me I have a fat neck :/ 
13. i'm quite lazy, and have to be pushed to do something 
14. I used to wear fake eyelashes every day , because of this I always get bought like 500 at Christmas.
15. Baths are like heaven on earth.
16. i got engaged on Valentines day 2013 :)
17. I love Disney, stitch is my all time favourite character, i have loads of mugs/teddies all sorts :)
18. I'm originally from Nottingham
19. I moved out of the family home at 18
20. The best brand at the moment is SOAP AND GLORY!
21. im in love with the film Pitch Perfect
22. I hate fish, ewwwww
23. Singing has always been my passion since i was a young kid, no one could get me to shut up.
24. i love my soaps, and if i miss one then i always have to catch up ASAP!
25. i once asked for a guitar for christmas years ago... its still sat there never been played ( wanted to learn but never did :/)

Thanks for reading :)
                                                                                                                                              Nicola xxx 

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