Saturday, 26 November 2016

L'oreal Infallible Matte

This is my favourite foundation at the moment, I have oily skin and it's perfect for me. It lasts a really long time. I wouldn't say it lasts the 24 hours stated, but I've yet to found one that actually lasts as it's believed too. There's a normal version of this foundation which i believe is a liquid but i haven't tried it as i know it wouldn't be suitable for my skin type.
It's around 8 pound either from super drug or boots. and has around 6 shade colours. 
I use the shade 11- vanilla and i think it's a good match, i have quite pale skin so struggle with any foundation looking orange.
The range also has a powder, which i love! it's my all time no.1 now, i wouldn't buy anything different again. I use 123 warm vanilla in that. I think it's really effective, and lasts a long time. I only normally apply once a day and its lasts all day, depending on what activities i'm doing i might need a touch up. It doesn't cling to any dry spots on my face, and is soft to the face. Amazing value for money, it lasts ages and is around 5 pound!
Nicola xxx

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