Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lush Bath Time

I have actually finished used one thing from my lush gift set that i mentioned a while ago. it's the 12 days of christmas one;so as you would imagine there is 12 different things in the box. 
When you open it you can see everything which is a little annoying but i guess what you expect because it isn't supposed to be a surprise. So it was my choice what i wanted to use first.
I went for a bath bomb, all the bath bombs are christmassy as you expect so i chose at random. 
' Dashing Santa ' is the one i chose, and if you didn't know it is shaped just like a little santa claus. 
It's a really cute little one that obviously smells like christmas. It  doesn't claim to do anything extra special like some of them do, its just a bath bomb.You can buy this one individually  for £2.95, but it is only on sale around the christmas season.  It did make my bathroom, and the whole of upstairs smell very nice and it also sent the water red as you imagine it would. Bath bombs are more like something luxury that just smell extra special. So it was quite nice but nothing overly amazing to comment on. 

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